Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It will be three years in May since Mr. Ralph left paradise.  I still do not think about dating.  It's nice to have great friends who are male (and I don't have enough!) but honestly, I am not looking for "my other half."

Because I am not a half.

My savvy little niece had this on her Facebook page.  How true is this?  I am continuing to improve my attitude about being a single.  Getting braver about doing things on my own.  Being a bit more bold to ask for what I need or want.  My goal is to be happy and healthy.  Happy part is going great ... healthy needs some work.

I'm fine being by myself and I'm happy doing things with friends.  I bounce things off my friends when I need advice (although Mr. Ralph's advice is still my favorite!).  

This year I'm doing more volunteer work.  Na Hoaloha (neighbors helping neighbors ... driving those who are not able), Maui Humane Society (fostering dogs who need extra TLC before adoption ready) and just starting to deliver dinners with Hale Kau Kau (feeding the hungry with compassion and aloha).

With just one good knee, I'm able to navigate beach time and ocean swimming ... and have found a friend who loves going to the beach several days a week.  (I have ordered a tiny, pop up shade tent since I'm not a sun worshipper.) 

Dating?  Don't really need it! 


  1. You've managed to fill your life with quality things and people. You need to be really proud of yourself for that. It's not easy for everyone and you've done well. Love that 'not searching for your other half' saying. I know a few widows who need to learn that lesson.

    1. And I know in the future, when my energy and enthusiasm begin to lag, I will cut back. In the meantime, I'm paying it forward!

  2. You have a foster dog at home, don't you? How is that going? So great that you're involved.

    I love the quote. I had great adventures looking for my NEW other half for a few years. No one qualified LOL