Friday, June 8, 2018


Or maybe I am retiring altogether.

The past five years of blogging have been good for my soul.  It helped me handle my grief and share my life.

Lately I have not been investing my time in blogging.  Life is good and busy and fun.  School is out next Monday and our routine will just be getting busier.  I moved back to Oregon to help my kidults with the kiddos.  Now that I've removed the stress of being micro-managed on the HOA Board, retired from 7 years of writing and/or editing the monthly newsletter, and dialed back on volunteering ... I'm choosing to spend this extra time and energy on my kids and my health.

You have my email address if you want to keep in touch.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading YOUR blogs.  My goal now is one Gramma post on Facebook per day.