Monday, December 7, 2015


I've committed to hosting a Christmas party!

Fortunately, having it be a potluck means I don't have to have RSVPs because people so rarely do that any more.  It's adults only and lots of my friends have kids, and I know Christmas Eve is a busy time but I'm hoping for 8-10 people to show up.

I will make a few finger foods and set up the great outdoors.  Hopefully my outdoor rugs arrive this week.  I'm even thinking of stringing little white lights from the eaves to the fence for more pizzazz.

Sometime soon I'll need to check all the battery powered candles (real ones get blown out too quickly with the trade winds).  In the past, everyone sat around my sliding door so getting in and out for food or restroom breaks was a production.  Now I'm arranging another larger seating area between the sliding door and the master bedroom, hoping most people will sit over there ... and we can bring the four coffee seating area chairs over there to make a big circle.  

The food will be inside on the island ... maybe the beverages as well although it is better for mingling if they are far apart!  Then I can also use my tall outdoor table with four bar stools if necessary.  

OK ... here's the BEFORE look ..

This is where I enjoy more morning coffee ... and why I linger so long!

This will be the new conversation pit ... easier to enlarge the circle yet not block access to the house.

I'm also trying to give my shower and sunbathing area more privacy.  Stay tuned on that.  The new chaise lounge (thank you Gary and Leilani) is pretty massive.  I may put it away during the party.

This is the tall table in the corner near the coffee nook.

Anyone want to come over and help?


  1. A party on Christmas Eve is so gutsy! Sounds like fun. I'll be there....well, just in thought anyway. Love your decking material.

    1. Thanks for joining in! It's fake wood (like Trex but less expensive brand from Home Depot). Hope it lasts my lifetime ... there is already separation at the seams .....

    2. I wish my deck was fake wood. The real stuff costs a lot to keep up.

  2. You'll have a great time. Wish I was in the neighborhood. Let us know what finger foods you decide to serve.