Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A couple of years ago, a friend posted a commercial for Poo Pourri on her Facebook page, as a joke.  Their ads are hysterical because they know poo does not always smell like a rose.

I decided to try a sample size of their original scent ... lemon, bergamot and lemongrass.  You spray BEFORE you go and then the oil traps the "aroma" ... instead spraying something after you go and letting those two smells mingle (never really works).

Anytime you share a space, you do have to wonder about what others notice.  Grandsons, of course, are very truthful.  So I have some Poo Pourri at the condo also.  Same original scent.  I have friends with Crohn's and friends with IBS ... for "funny" gifts, I shared my joy.  We all love this product!

Now that Maui visitor season is starting, I noticed a big sale going on at Poo Pourri ... a FREE 2 oz bottle of Secret Santa scent (cinnamon, vanilla, citrus) and free shipping if you spend a certain amount.  So I set about choosing all the scents I would like to try!  I'll put two in the guest bathroom (to help my friends trap a crap) and try different ones in my bathroom.

When I got to the checkout there was no way for me to get the free shipping!  Sometimes companies don't ship free to Hawaii or Alaska (like Amazon does!) so I went ahead and placed my order.  Then I sent an email to Poo Pourri asking why I didn't get the free shipping.

They sent an immediate hilarious response saying they would get back to me within 24 hours.  And they did within one hour:

Hey Poo~Pal!

Thanks so much for reaching out to us! We apologize for the delay in our response. Our inbox is a bit constipated right now! Not to worry! As soon as the payment posts, we can refund your credit card for the shipping charge of the original order you placed ($12.53)! You should receive an email confirmation of the refund as well. Thanks so much for ordering with us!

If you have any questions, or just want to say howdy, give us a shout any time!

Have a pootiful day!

How is THAT for customer service!  Go to YouTube and watch a couple of commercials!  It will brighten up your day!!


  1. I guess I've lived alone too long to even care about bathroom smells. That's what exhaust fans are for. LOL But I'm always amazed and impressed that people can keep creating products you didn't know you wanted or needed until they start their marketing campaigns.

    1. NO EXHAUST FAN! Plus I do notice my own stench when I return after a few hours! I'm a big believer.

  2. I went to their site and watched a commercial. Funny! My DIL put Poo Pourri in my stocking last year. She is solution oriented, and judging by the amount of time my son spends in the bathroom, I think she found it out of self preservation. H got him a bathroom soccer game for Christmas. You sit and play.

    1. That's so funny! Mr. Ralph alway spent way too much time reading on the throne! I enjoy sitting some place more comfortable myself1

  3. MY husband was the same way...way too much time on the throne.

    1. Yet another example of male inferiority. At least we find a cozy spot to sit and read!

  4. I believe all men are anal retentive! HAH
    I get in there, do my thing and get out. Takes only minutes. My poo really has no odor. (In other words, "My s*** don't stink). LOL
    The aroma of the excrement is based on the diet of the person. Also--did you know, a perfect poo is shaped like a "J" ?