Friday, December 18, 2015


Last spring I met two other volunteer drivers for Na Hoaloha.  Lisa and I became Facebook friends and are slowly getting to know each other.  Since she lives in Kihei, I invited her to the Christmas Eve party.

Last week I texted her about my first big volunteer drive and she was very helpful.  She also drives the same client on occasion.  I like to know how much physical help a client might need (I always bring a step stool to climb in my SUV).  Lisa mentioned she couldn't drive that day because she had a DATE!  First one in 15 years!  I waited a week then asked her how it went.

Rather than typing our little fingers off, she wanted to meet for coffee.  I couldn't as I had to stay with the dog because the cleaning ladies were coming.  So I invited her over to enjoy the back lanai.  And she brought the coffee!

We ended up jabbering for almost three hours.  She is from Portland!

Immediately after she left, I went to the hair shop for a cut and color.  Once again I have decided to NOT go grey.  It just doesn't feel right yet.

And that's why you didn't hear from me yesterday!


  1. Details! How did the date go? How did they meet? Glad you're networking so nicely. You could give lessons.

    1. They met at a self help lecture! Went on his motorcycle (with side car) to Lahaina to deliver Toys for Tots! He has made her dinner ... and they talk or text just about every day.

  2. LOL at your reply to Jean R. Met at self help lecture, delivered Toys for Tots in his side car. Sounds like the plot to a romantic comedy to me. Jean's right. You should give lessons on connecting. You have the touch.