Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Food on Maui is pretty expensive.  Actually, VERY expensive.  For example, a gallon of local milk sells for $10.... although milk shipped from the mainland to Safeway is $6 on sale.  And Costco is $5!  Don't even talk to me about bread!

I'm always on the lookout for how to save money.  (I drink Almond Milk, so don't have THAT issue!)  Walmart has lots of packaged, canned and frozen brand name things.  Target has a bit of fresh food as well.  Both are less expensive than the three grocery stores here in Kihei.  For produce I go to the farmer's market or Whole Foods.

And then there is Costco.  The prices per pound are way way less than anywhere else.  It's just such large quantities for a single.  But today I decided I just have to do it.  I bought one pound of fresh opah (also called moonfish) which is firm and flavorful.  Wild line caught.  HALF the price of Whole Foods!  I cut it into four servings, wrapped each in Saran and put in a freezer bag.  I also indulged in rib eye steaks ... a pack of three ... each one is two servings for me.  Same freezing process.  Hopefully everything freezes well and tastes delicious later!

Another inconvenience of shopping is that I usually have to bring a cooler with ice or freeze packs.  When it's always in the 80's and stuff is stuck in the car while I make another stop ... 

Fortunately, I have two refrigerators.  In humid climates, you have to keep a lot of things in the fridge ... nuts, bread, etc.  We got the second fridge to put in the garage with all the beverages and bulk items.  It comes in handy when entertaining as I can prep things early and put out of my way.

I also use a lot of Rubbermaid air tight containers as well for sugar, flour and so on.  Despite having a/c, spices do seem to clump so I'm in the process of putting some dried beans in each jar.  (After I unclump them).  Apparently rice goes through the sprinkle holes and are harder to remove if dipping in your measuring spoon.

Yeh.  I know.  No one really feels sorry for me!


  1. You have a Wal-Mart? In Maui?

  2. I'd be in trouble with the milk prices there. I love milk and it's CHEAP here.I just paid $1.59 for a half gallon. I can't buy in places like Costco. I just don't have the room to buy in bulk. I never gave it much thought that food on an island would be more expensive. Learn something every day.