Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sometimes I surprise myself when I accomplish something I have never done ... and would have delegated to Mr. Ralph.  Today I am going to put together my new outdoor coffee table.

FSC eucalyptus wood which withstands the elements and wards off termites.  Luckily I was outside the day it was delivered and out front when the FedEx guy came. He deftly carried the box clear into the garage by the door to the interior for me.  Those guys are awesome!

With the dog supervising, I was able to drag it outdoors to start the process.  Ugh.  A lot of packaging to dispose of.  And of course I got distracted and decided to put up Christmas lights in the back yard.

I don't think I showed you the front lights after they were up ....

To the left is a gate to the back.  I am also putting up little white lights on the gutters over there ... and I will probably leave them up all year and just turn them on when I have guests over.  They will light the way to the back party area.  The landscape lights are beautiful but I need a little more light these days!

I still have half the little lights yet to hang.  Slow work for one.  Fill my pocket with plastic hangers, move the ladder 12 inches and hang ten lights and start over!  Mosquitos were attacking me so I'll try to finish the rest tomorrow.  In the morning.

Last but not least ... I made a lamp!  Two glass cylinders, one inside the other.  Shells in the space in between.  With a fake candle inside.

Today was an ADD day ... stay tuned.


  1. You just had knee surgery and you're climbing on ladders? I didn't hear that! Oh, my gosh you lights look great.

    I've been shopping for a sleeper chair or day bed and can't believe that they all have to be assembled if you buy them on line. I may need to hire a handyman to help me. That is my fear that it will get delivered by the door and I won't be able to get it inside.

  2. I was a little apprehensive about climbing a ladder but it was just 2-3 steps. Cell phone in my other pocket.

    Yeh ... for bigger furniture I'd hire someone also. Heck! I may have to for this table! I'd probably buy BIG furniture from a store just so it gets delivered and placed right where I want it.!

  3. I would love an inside table that smelled like Vicks Vapo Rub!! LOL. Did you ever get the table put together?

    I was not home when my heavy mattress topper arrived and had a deuce of a time getting it inside!