Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I've been shirking my blogging duties.  

A dear long term friend is in assisted living unable to get out of bed without help.  Radiation every day.  I am planning a birthday party for her....as it may be her last.  Seventy four and has never had a birthday party!

I was visiting her once a week but radiation was hitting her hard.  She stopped taking (or making) phone calls and no longer has the energy to even text.  Besides radiation every weekday, she also has 100 medical appointments a day.  I finally got in touch with her daughter (now my hair stylist)(who of course is drowning in things related to her Mom) and she suggested I go at 9am on Thurs.

My chauffeuring duties have kicked up a notch now that summer (and the Garden) are here.  School will be out in just 9 days.  We got Jesse a 4 man rubber raft for Father's Day and birthday but in the meantime ....

The condo has been taking a bit of time as well.  The front door has been replaced but now the deadbolt isn't working.  I am adding a security screen door as the invisible screen door is impossible for little boys to manage.  

The bathroom that I share needs to be demolished and rebuilt from the floor up!  Little boys are splashy and messy and the floor and baseboard are a mess.  FINALLY found a contractor who needs the work and is coming today at 4pm.  One guy never returned my call (son of my favorite neighbors!) and one guy is coming to do a walk thru in late July but cannot start until next year!

We have had 15 new owners move into our complex in the past 16 months .... so a Board member and I are organizing a get together for all the ladies in the complex. (We only have about 5 gents and when they come, the whole dynamic changes).

On top of this .... Jesse turns 35 and I am planning a SURPRISE party for him as well!  Fortunately for me, a friend has started a party planning business and she is doing everything!  An outdoorsy/camo Camp Dad theme with lots of carnivore finger foods and individual cherry cheese cakes for dessert.

The pool has opened and I've taken the boys every day.  And me, myself and I for a hot tub last night.

More when I have a moment!  I'm sitting at the Honda dealer having a 4 hour recall job done ....

P.S. My sister is arriving in late June and we are having a week of sister time.  We are going to make it an annual tradition!

Friday, May 18, 2018


Believe it or not, other retired people ASK me what I do all day.  I always wonder what sort of question that is ... I refrain from being my sarcastic self and simply say ... probably the same as you, I just live.

These are single ladies who live alone or a couple with their empty nest.  Usually intelligent people so I'm usually a bit taken aback.  HELLO?  I live with a 4 year old, a 7.5 year old, a 13 year old 65 pound dog and two thirty-somethings.  
No, there is never a typical day.  Each day starts out with an outline of what might happen.  Usually I wake up at 8am.  If there are no lights showing under my door, I keep to myself and read news, email, blogs, Facebook ... but it is hard to wait for that first cup of java!  I'm seriously thinking of getting a small coffee maker for my room.

Jesse gets up at 6:30 am to get Braeden off to the bus at 7:40.  Sometimes he's lucky enough to go back to bed and take a nap before Deacon wakes up.  Kate gets up about 8:30 on days she works (starts at 10am).  Deacon gets up anywhere from 6am to 10am.  Usually once in the night as well (always goes to Dadda).

I tidy up the bathroom I share with the boys ... put the toothbrushes away, the tooth paste, the brush, the comb, the hair gel, the pajamas on the floor and change the hand towel.  Typically I make breakfast for Deacon, always making him a "coffee" .... warm milk with a splash of vanilla syrup, topped with whipped cream and a pinch of sprinkles ... for AFTER he eats.

Jesse makes cold brew for me at the start of the week, so I warm up a cup.  Then I close all the kitchen cabinets and drawers, empty the dishwasher and reload.  Sometimes (usually on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays ... Kate's days off ... I make some personal social outings to stay out of their hair).  Or head to the Clubhouse to use their wifi.
I LOVE grocery shopping and volunteer for that twice a week.  I either organize the fridge (tossing out leftovers that Jesse insists on saving ... ) or clean the fridge once a week.  Jesse doesn't drive so on Momma's work days, I am the family chauffeur.  At least once a week it's pick up a prescription,  3-4 times a week to his community garden plot, once a month to a Dr appointment and so on.

He does the laundry but FINALLY, after two years of intergenerational living, he will let me fold ... towels and kids casual clothes (pajamas, sox, undies) because he is so particular about washing, drying and hanging things.

Every day is meditation time (nap).

He watches a neighbor boy who is in Braeden's class two afternoons a week so I have quiet time in my apartment.  Two boys are noisy and chaotic, three boys?  No need for hearing aids.  Maybe once a week I get to cook but usually I'm the salad or fresh veggie arranger.

Now it is my wine time.  Braeden comes in about 8 or 8:30, after a shower, to read and bit and get mellow. Then my time for surfing the net, watching something streaming or reading (yes, finally enjoying reading again!)

And that's part of what I do in a day.  I love every minute of it.

P.S.  Deacon has soccer camp once a week.  Jesse is parent helper one morning a week.  We buy bulk hamburger, chicken, steak and portion into meal size quantities (10 ounces for ground beef), wrap and freeze.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Five years ago, Mr. Ralph died on the morning after my birthday.  Our usual group of six got together at our house for pizza and wine and desserts.  By then, Mr. Ralph was not verbal or moving and was in a hospital bed in the dining room (we moved the furniture to the garage) so he could look out on his beautiful backyard). 

The view from his hospital bed in the dining room (well almost)

The four of them each brought a helium balloon which we tied to his bed rails.  We touched him and talked to him and had the party all around him.  When I called everyone the next morning at 7:30 am to say he'd decided to leave, they all came over immediately!  We said our goodbyes and polluted the earth by setting the balloons free.

This year was my Route 66 birthday and my 5 year Sadiversary (perfect word from my friend and fellow blogger, The Misadventures of Widowhood).  He always liked to stay at very nice places and if I had to choose, I'd stay cheap and eat well.  So I decided to do both!

There's a place in Cannon Beach, Oregon right on the ocean that has a fabulous reputation for being special.  I stayed two nights and he spoiled me rotten.  First of all, my "room" was probably 1,300 sq ft with one and a half baths (the master bath is bigger than my current apartment), a see through fireplace, two huge rooms and a kitchenette.  

The Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach, Oregon

From 4pm til 5:30 wine and appetizers are served in the library.  I'm SO uncomfortable in large groups where I don't know anyone, but I made myself go.  Didn't really connect with anyone as they were all couples (it is a pretty romantic spot).  Their restaurant is renowned for farm to table.  I had wild morel mushroom risotto and a perfect glass of cabernet.  No room for dessert but when I returned to my room ... the turn down service left two exquisite chocolates on the pillows.

The library

A gourmet breakfast is included, so I went down to the library to enjoy a cup of coffee prior to tasting everything.  Then some walking and browsing in the quaint little tourist town.  He bought me a little dish to put my earrings in at night and a book by my one of my favorite authors (Harlan Coben).  He insisted I have a massage and paid the little extra to have it in my room.

After 80 minutes of delightfully light pressure, I chatted a bit with the tiny, young masseuse.  As she was packing up the table that is bigger than her, she asked what my husband was doing while I was being spoiled (the whole hotel knew it was my birthday).  I told her about it being our Sadiversary and she said "Oh my gosh ... he is right here with you!  I was feeling so much love in the room while I was massaging you, I just had to ask."  We hugged and THAT made my day!  Sometimes I feel his presence more than others but I always know he is here.  But for someone else to "feel" him ....

I'm looking forward to next year!