Saturday, December 12, 2015


When I was lamenting about the high cost of food on Maui, I forgot to mention my favorite DEAL!  Safeway has $5 Friday.  Lots of items I use often are put on sale.  This Friday Primo ham was $5/lb ... instead of $11.99.  Havarti cheese also $5/lb.  The deli always has a special on a meat and a cheese.

I also got a huge organic salad mix for $5 (usually $7.49).  Lean Cuisine dinners for $2 ($5.29) (I love having these for a late minute quick dinner with a salad).  A gallon of orange juice $5.  And my addiction ... potato chips (half price)!  

The receipt showed a 50% savings ... I love that!!!!


  1. I still can't believe how much food costs on your island! Makes sense but it's just something I never would have thought about if I was thinking of moving there.

  2. Food is really expensive. Gas is expensive but not a lot of driving. Housing is the most extreme ... median price is $480,000! Interestingly Costco has the same prices as on the mainland! So many food distributors have gone out of business. Smaller restaurants buy at Costco!

  3. Wow! Look who got the deals! I love how Jean calls it "your" island. Are you Queen?