Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Oh my gosh!  December??

Since I'm not going to be in Oregon for Christmas, I need to order things to be shipped to Maui so I can wrap them and ship to Oregon.  Thank goodness for the internet! Today I ordered gift cards from a local (and regional) burger joint that the kidults love.  I learned I could do this via Facebook!  (Don't worry, they don't read this blog).

With two kids, a dog, and very busy lives they are constantly misplacing their keys and their phones.  HA!  I bought them each a "Tile".  

You load the app on your iphone then you can send a signal when you can't find your keys!  It will also tell you the location (in case you left them at a restaurant or dog park).  Last year I bought some for my sister, her hubby and her kids ... and one for me.  I had a little trouble because sometimes I couldn't hear the beep.  This version is 5x louder and plays a little tune which works WAY BETTER.  AND ... you don't need to attach one to your phone as you can press the "e" on the tile and it will make your phone beep!  Although I did get some sticky stuff in case they want to put it on their iPad or whatever.  Maybe each of the kids!

I'm ordering Kate a very cool bracelet from Urban Lace.  Made from bicycle inner tubes!  Thankfully some of her co-workers are her Facebook friends and they are going to "trick" her into getting her wrist measured.  Awesome?

The babies are easy and Amazon will wrap and label.  Plus the kidults know to ask me before they open anything from Amazon.

It's 8pm on the island and I'm feeling pretty good!


  1. That bracelet is neat! I'm always amazed by the creativity of mankind..

    I like learning about your apps. I don't ever misplace my phone or keys and don't need something like that but the tile sure looks great for those who do.Scissors are what I am always hunting for and I have at least five pair in the house.

    1. Ha! Attach a tile to just one pair of scissors ... you'll always be able to find them!!

  2. COOL!!! I enjoy shopping on Amazon--a bit too much enjoyment perhaps?

    1. I'm even getting brave ... and shopping online with other vendors! Sooooo exciting!