Monday, February 27, 2017


I never knew people could be so hostile.

We have a condo neighbor (upstairs in the building next to us) who has been nasty since the day she moved in.  I've written about her before and when I moved back here, the kidults filled me in with even more inconsequential complaints and conversations she forces upon them (they are outside more than I am ... because they smoke on the front patio).

One of the Devil's Triangle of grumpies who live here must have befriended her upon move-in as they have fed her so much misinformation since the beginning.  Ms. Assholiness first confronted my kidults to tell them to stop smoking as it was all inside her condo (around a bend, 100 yards away and up a flight of stairs).  That this complex was a non-smoking complex.  (It is not).

Then she returned the next day to tell them they have no rights here as they are not owners or renters.  (How would she know WHAT they are?  And they ARE renters).

Almost every day last summer (while I was in Maui) she complained to them about something.  Children playing on the sidewalk.  Toys on the patio.  Baby bikes on patio overnight.  The window blinds were not even.  She also emailed these complaints to the Board.  She complains about so many things that now the Board merely responds "we are in receipt of your email" and nothing else.

She complains about what he plants in our pots on our own patio.  He needs to rake our area (he does ... monthly).  This pot has a chip on it and needs to be thrown away.    Why is that bag of recycling sitting on your patio (because I'm bringing out the other two bags then taking to the bin)?  Clean off your windowsills it looks like trailer trash (books they have read to the kids the night before)

The little boys call her Crabby Lady.  In all innocence Mr 6 asked why she never smiles or waves hello?

She complains about the car parked in our own carport.  Why don't they use it?  It needs to be washed!!  And yesterday, she approached Jesse to tell him something fishy is going on with "that" car ... just look at this picture ... (Kate mistakenly put the bi-annual stickers in the wrong place covering up the monthly sticker on the back with the year sticker) and she was going to send the picture to the POLICE.  Poor Jesse.  So nice.  He said oops, guess we made a mistake.  But go ahead and report it wherever makes you feel better.  

We park too close to the white stripe.  We shouldn't let Mr. 6 fetch the mail (he is SO proud to bring in the mail!).  We shouldn't take to the boys to play in the clubhouse (if no one is using it, so I don't know why).  The boys splash too much at the pool.  They also giggle and laugh too loud when outside.

And, it's not just us although the Board told her she doesn't need to go around looking for things to complain about ... only things that she notices on and about her daily business.

This woman was a Special Ed teacher.

Friday, February 24, 2017


It is amazing how infrequently I blog since I've moved in with the family.  And I am missing it.

Now that we have worked out our morning and evening routines, I need to plan some ME time.  I'm home by 9:15 after dropping Mr. 6 off at school (and grabbing a coffee as a reward on the way home).  I skim the NYT and WSJ online editions, email, Facebook and a few of my favorite blogs.  Then to play Words with Friends, Word Streak and Letterpress (I keep forgetting this one).

It is time to focus on me.  I'm rejoining Weight Watchers because weighing in is the only thing that keeps me accountable.  This will need to be a lifelong crusade ... with no finish line.  I got my blood work results yesterday and there are 3-4 that need my attention.  Losing weight and moving around more will help them all.  My friend (who is a life coach and a blogger AND reversed her diabetes) is going to assist me via email and phone calls.  I want to be another of her success stories.  The pressure is ON!

I have a first goal of lowering my bad numbers by mid-May when I do my Medicare Wellness check.  Wish me luck!

Monday, February 13, 2017


Mr. Ralph was very romantic.  He didn't need Valentine's Day to buy flowers or treats or to light candles.  So I'm not sure why I feel a bit sad this year.

I volunteered to babysit so the kidults could go out but so far they have not made reservations so who knows.  My plan is to let each boy make their own heart shaped pizza.  If I get motivated, I might make snickerdoodle dough and let them make heart shaped cookies.

Yesterday I bought small red bags, Valentine tissue paper, a small amount of candy and I'll put in a $5 bill for their banks (saving for Legos).

It sure would be nice to be sharing all this with Mr. Ralph.  Bet he will be on my shoulder!

Saturday, February 4, 2017


After three and a half years, I can usually talk about Mr. Ralph without crying.  Not always, but most of the time.  It's a joy to be back with Kate and her family.  She misses her Dad almost as much as I miss him.

His birthday was January 31 and we wanted to celebrate.  Usually they go to his favorite restaurant but it is no longer Italian ... now very spicy nouveau Mexican.  It's hard to take a three year old out to a restaurant, so we brought in Mr. Ralph's second favorite food .... Chinese!  I made a cherry cobbler for a special dessert.

Even though Deacon never got to meet him, he talks about him as if he did (and does!)

Some blogger friends change the name of their blog, maybe starting out as widow friends, but change to suit their now lives.  I think I am just going to keep the same name.  Just know that life is not as awkward.