Thursday, December 3, 2015


Meet my two month foster baby, Honeysuckle.

She's been at the Humane Society for several weeks.  She came with a wicked case of ticks, skin and bones and a horrible patchy coat.  Apparently she is one of the MHS's favorites (as if they all aren't!) and very gentle and loving.

I hope to get her next week so will keep you posted.  I think I've already fallen in love with her smile!

This morning I went with Julie to have her dog, Jodie, evaluated for training boot camp.  She's a BEAUTIFUL smart little Havanese just full of pep.  She just needs a little bit better manners.  Honestly, it's really us parents who need the training!  If I do get a permanent pup I will also do the training with Sit Means Sit.  It's all positive reinforcement and lots of fun ... just repetition and more repetition.  One of the interesting things I learned is at first, there's a food treat EVERY time.  Then every other time.  Until she never knows if/when she will get a treat but she keeps working for that special moment!

The trainer compared it to our favorite high end fabulous restaurant, Mama's Fish House.  We go once a year.  So it is something special when we do go.  If we went there every day or even twice a day ... it wouldn't be so special.  Same way with food rewards.

Jodie goes in tomorrow for ten days, I think.  I can't wait to meet the new Jodie!!!


  1. I wish they had had a school like that for my kids! LOL