Monday, December 14, 2015


It's crazy, I know.  Buying another kitchen gadget?  Really??

Probably just a fad, we all know that.  But I have several friends who did buy one of these nice spiralizers and use it on a regular basis.  I can't picture the grandkids eating zucchini noodles but hey, in fairness, we never tried it.

Then there is the storage issue.  Both places are very tight on storage especially in the kitchen.  I can only choose items that will be used at least once a month.  There are a few exceptions (crockpot, espresso maker, roasting pan, etc) and I have to admit I have a few too many coffee makers.  

We started with a French press because that is what Mr. Ralph loved.  But I think the coffee gets too cool too quickly.  When we started having guests, we got a maker that can do 10 "cups" of coffee ... or enough for four light weight consumers.  When it was just me, I got a four cup cone drip machine.  I also have a one cup Melitta cone for when one of us needs just another cup!  I have kept them all because I do share my Maui house and have guests.  Some are even DECAF!!  The espresso machine was a house warming gift from friends visiting from Portland.  Hand carried!

My cooking friends who have spiralizers all complain about the clean up.  And the storage.  While visiting my sister last June, she had me help with the salads.  She has the perfect solution to spiralizing for one (or two).  

A Rikon Julienne Peeler!

I bought one (on Amazon $15) while in Portland and used it to make "fancy" vegetables for salads.  Good remembering on my part ... I brought it to Maui.  Using fancy cuts of veggies for salads or toppings or garnish brings a smile to my face!  I've done carrots, jicama, sweet potatoes, apples, regular potatoes, cucumbers.  (Cucumbers look great in a glass of water!)

But I still haven't made zucchini noodles!


  1. I bought one of the spiralizers last year and it still sits in its box. LOL Gadgets are fun to look at. If I cooked more I'd be a sucker to buy more.

    1. Hee hee. That's how I justify kitchen stuff ... I do cook ... and enjoy it. AND ... this gadget is so little!

  2. Get a Keurig and then each guest can have the kind of coffee they want. My neighbor Pearl always buys the newest gadget she sees and....rarely uses them more than once. Then they go into the storage unit that costs them $55.00 a month. LOL

    1. It's more about the QUANTITY of coffee. Those little cups are expensive!!!

      The little spiralizer is great for zesting citrus ... then I just chop the strips into little bits.