Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2016 is going to be a beach year for me.  There are 80+ beaches on my island and I want to visit them all.  Hopefully with photo proof.  Maybe even with swimming!

I have two friends who love the beach ... and mainly the sunshine.  Me?  Less sun.  Each of them enjoy my favorite beach (so far), Keawakapu.  It is a little over one half mile long with three entrances.  The northernmost entrance is my favorite.  There is a condo complex there and they have an enormous grassy area that is public domain.  Can't use their lounge chairs, but I put my blanket and chair in the shade of a palm ... and keep moving to stay in the shade.

The shore is a clear gentle slope into the ocean.  A couple of mornings a week there used to be an ocean water aerobics group.  I'll be checking into that as our local pool is CLOSING for six months for renovations (as of Jan 1).  Why would they do that during tourist season?????  I'll save that for a rant day.

Lisa invited me to Ulua Beach the other day.  It was great to have a buddy to splash about with.  She has a very cool water hammock that I am going to try on our next outing.  If I love it as much as I think I will, Amazon here I come.  Now that I have one good knee, it was so much easier to walk in and out of the water, and even walk in the sand.

We are rather new friends, so we chatted until I thought it was too much sun for me.  She brought an umbrella just for me, so I got into the shade.  And we did a bit more chatting.

That evening, I started looking for a shade tent that is lightweight and EASY to put up.  Can't wait to try it out!  The umbrella keeps blowing away ...


  1. That shade tent looks like something I could use. The sun doesn't like me. With your pool closing, thank goodness you have great beaches.

    1. Yes, thank goodness! And with one good knee, I can manage. I just LOVE the waves!

  2. I have an umbrella that has a clamp on it that hooks to a sand chair. That's another option you could look for. It's never blown away.

    You have quite the life there in Maui. I don't know why you can't get your kids to move there so you'll never would have to leave. LOL

    1. Mr. Ralph and I tried three different types of umbrellas but not one that hooks on the chair. I guess we were trying for shade for two! But then when I leave my chair, the chair AND the umbrella might tumble away. I hope the shade tent is indeed easy enough for me to pop up!!!!