Friday, November 25, 2016


Just two more weeks until I move into my 10x13 bedroom in a 1242 sq ft condo in Lake Oswego Oregon which I will share with two adults, two young boys and a big old dog.  We've done it before, without any trouble, for six months, part of the time me recuperating from knee replacement.  Since I was invited to move back in, I feel much more comfortable doing it again.

I think part of what is helping is that I've been downsizing for 6-7 years now.  I live in 980 sq ft in Maui (although it also has a two car garage which sure helps with storage).  My move back to Oregon will consist of two suitcases.  Maybe just one, as I am already talking myself out of moving some items.

Because I am renting Maui "furnished" and to a great friend, I don't have to pack and ship or sell everything before I go.  She has a two year lease and we'll just take it from there.  She's excited to have a garage, 600 feet of beautiful lanai with landscaping in pots with their own watering system and a wonderland of tiny lights.

(I am in bedroom 3)

I'm looking forward to getting back my adjustable KING size bed and keeping my clothes and possessions to the bare minimum (as I have in Maui ... I still use just "my" side of the closet).  I'm planning on IKEA floor to ceiling bookshelves and I will use baskets as drawers for folded items, and carry-alls with my bathroom items (I'm sharing with two little boys).  Hopefully I will find two drawer file cabinets to use as night stands.

I will get to invite one little man at a time for a "sleep over".

Each purchase is made with great deliberateness.  Clothes, shoes, cookbooks, and a good thing that when we get to a certain we don't "need" much stuff.

Stay tuned for updates!

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I have learned a lot from the 2016 election.

First of all, it's good to know I'm not to old to learn!  I believe social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) caused the results that we now have.  Misinformation and mudslinging galore.  "Fake" news sites with misleading/inflammatory headlines.  Individual comments agitating others who voted a different way.  It is so much easier to be mean and hateful when you are hiding behind a screen.  

This week I signed up for digital access to The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  I'm hoping most of their news has been researched prior to publication.  So far, I'm impressed with the NEWS they report ... and a bit of lifestyle articles as well.

Facebook will now be where I look at photos of my family (few and far between), especially my cousins with whom I reunited in the summer of 2015.  I love seeing kids I met when Kate was in preschool now having their children.  

It's always a great place for immediate local situations ... traffic, road closures, school lockdowns, etc. although I bet a local news station has the same benefits.  I'm going to check into that.

I hope to present myself in a more balanced way in 2017.  I think I am a political agnostic.

One who is a registered voter and politically informed, but is basically indifferent and non-committal toward the popular political parties (Democrat or Republican in the US). Probably believes that the political parties are so ideologically similar and so mired in their own bureaucracy that they have outlived their usefulness. Voting straight-ticket out of allegiance to a political party would be considered heresy.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


November always reminds me to be thankful.

Since the election, I've decided I don't need to be friends with everyone on Facebook.  So many sore losers (sorry, NOT sorry that I am not politically correct) and 90% of those are being mean and nasty and posting their rude comments on my friends' pages, as well as mine.  My belief is you can post your opinions and beliefs on your own page, but don't post them on mine ... or on my other friend's pages who have never even met you!

Honest, I don't think I would have acted all whiny and negative if Hillary had won.  Calling the election rigged.  Dissing every cabinet choice.  I looked back on my FB account and don't see any nastiness on my part when Obama won.  And not very much during his last four years.

I decided to UNfollow some people until I realized they could still see when I posted on other people's pages.  So I had to turn them off and block them.  It is what it is.  I'm sure they are not sad to miss out on photos of my grandsons!!  Or see what I had for lunch.

I enjoy differences of opinions and conversations back and forth and having my sister call me out on some posts asking me to check the validity of websites.  But no need to call names and and be condescending and vicious during these conversations.

These well educated people would NOT talk to me face to face in this manner (I don't think).  Hiding behind a computer screen sure brings out the worst in people.

While I sure got a lot more accomplished on those few days I deactivated my account (which apparently still worked) I couldn't stay away.  

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Portland, Oregon.

We are known to be very liberal and forward thinking.  It's a young city and protests are the norm.  Not like what is going on now.  Thugs have invaded our streets causing so much physical damage.  Hiding in their hoodies and masks.  I just heard on the news that these criminals were recruited via Craigslist!!  For them it has NOTHING to do with politics, only destruction.

It's irritating enough, to me, that we are having so many protests after an election.  Maybe it would have been the same if the other candidate won.  The crying and weeping and missing work and school and needing counseling?  Beyond my realm of thinking.

Don't like the electoral college?  We've got four years to change the constitution to abolish it.  Don't like his rude and crude blustery old fool comments about race, religion and gender?  Hit the streets and hug your friends who are immigrants and Muslims and gay and transgender.  Just because he won, doesn't mean I am going to hate.  Prepare for the worst and expect the best.

The angry threats on Facebook gave me impetus to clean out the "friends" list and unfollow the negative nellies.  Very sad, but maybe that is a lesson for me.  
All Americans have learned another big lesson already.


P.S. I closed the FB account altogether.  I spent WAY too much time on there since Mr. Ralph left.  No distractions from my little boys!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016



It's only 8:00 pm in Maui (1:00 am in New York) and the House is declared RED.

Senate looks like a tie.

PRESIDENT?  Too close to call.

I hope no one needs any of their money from the stock market within the next year ....

P.S.  I watched until 2:00 am.  Took hours to fall asleep.  Let's just make the most of this four years ... and work hard to repeal the electoral college!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


A picture is worth a thousand words ....

Storm Trooper and Police Officer

The First Stop

He can barely hold the bag of loot

Every kid's dream!


 First School Picture
Kindergarten 2016