Monday, July 17, 2017


Hi Everyone ~

It's been ten days since my right knee was replaced.  Today I am driving!

This surgery and recovery are polar opposite from last time.  Anesthesiologist suggested a right side spinal block and from what he explained, I voted yes.  I just didn't want to hear anything, see anything or smell anything.  I didn't.  Recovery time was much quicker with less of that hazy feeling after general anesthesia. No headache (most common side effect).  It seemed to block the pain for a couple of days.

Even the hospital stay was day and night.  Altho the room was tiny, I felt like a guest at a 5 star resort.  They gave me a goodie bag with word games, pencil, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear buds and free use of an iPad while I was there!  Both physical therapy and occupational therapy were substantial.  No one questioned me as if I were a drug addict if I asked for pain relief.  They sent me home with ten days of oxycodone (instead of three) and by day five, Aleve, Tylenol and Ibuprofen managed everything.  I'm keeping the rest until all six weeks of physical therapy is over ... if memory serves me, I may need some help occasionally.

My first physical therapy session was one week after surgery.  They took off the bandage and assured me the staples won't come flying out when I am exercising or walking around.  My bending range of motion is great (what they would expect at the end of six weeks).  Totally flat is close, but no cigar.  Don't think the left one goes totally flat either.

No need for walker although I do use it outdoors so I can bring my phone and water.  I am trying to use the cane in my left hand but it doesn't not come naturally.  At home I don't use anything.

My nursing staff at home have been wonderful and the boys are making me get well cards and not bothering me if I am in my room.  A neighbor took Jesse to the farm on Saturday and I entertained the dudes for almost two hours.  I asked Mr. 6.75 to clean off the dining room table for $1.00.  While he was cleaning, Dad's hose had an aneurism.  Both boys went running to the front door (after hearing dammit) to see what was happening.  Mr. 6.75 came back and asked for his dollar ... but I reminded him the work was not finished.  He quickly did the job, got his dollar and took it out to Dad to help pay for a new hose.  Brought tears to my eyes.

We read a few chapters of a great little boy series, Captain Underpants.  Found some Minecraft songs on YouTube then went to the table to play Legos.  I had planned ahead and purchased a new "girl" set, a Hot Dog Stand.  Even though I like to keep all my girly Legos together (and in my room ... to keep them special), I didn't have the heart to stop the boy Lego figures from having a BBQ.

Life is going well for me!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Wow!  We have a gorgeous 4th of July here today.  75 and sunny with a little breeze ... heading to 80.  The little family walked up to our tiny City parade and family fun booths.  SO sweet.  They were both so excited this morning ... Mr. 3.5 got up at 5am!  Woke his brother up about 7am.  Needless to say they each took a 3 hour nap.  Poor Mom and Dad .... none!

Today I have had some quiet alone time (outside on our Community patio) to think.  Surgery is Thursday around noon (send positive vibes to the surgeon and staff) and I will be losing some independence for a week or two.  This is the hardest part about growing older.  Losing little bits of strength, stamina, energy.

I hope I can follow in the steps of my favorite blogger, The Misadventures of Widowhood, and work on regaining strength and balance.  With two knees that aren't painful with every step, I will have no excuses.  She has noticed a great difference in six months.

I am so thankful for a live-in support system ... and the best darned nursing staff ever!

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Gramma, you a dummy head.

But WHY don't you want to sit in the hot sun?

That is rude Gramma.

I can't go to sleep ... the sun is still out playing with me.

Get up, Gramma ... the sun is out!  It's a bootiful day (then sings as he waters all the flowers outside ....)

McDonald's isn't very healthy, Gramma. Let's EAT FRESH (Subway).  


Why don't your knees work?  Did you forget to exercise when you were young?

I free ... are you 100?

Stop Gramma.  S T O P.  And red means stop too.

Someone came in my room and stole Brubber's lego police man.  Not me.

Why does that toe curl up?

Were you ever a little kid?

Brubber said I could play all his legos because he is not using them.

Today we built wickiups and filtered river water to drink.  

I don't want to read in the summer.  I am on a break from school.

Gramma I love you.