Saturday, June 6, 2015


Dear Family and Friends ~

For some reason, I am not taking time to blog so rather than have you keep checking (there are some who do not "subscribe"), I am taking a hiatus.

It's all for FUN and travel and volunteer work!  Braeden is 4 1/2 and is such a great pal.  Unending imagination!  Deacon loves having me sitting around for when he wants a snuggle (sometimes parents are doing laundry or making dinner or other boring stuff).

Plus I got bad news that my knees have severe arthritis (that went from mild to severe in less than two years!) so now I get to be an old lady with lots of doctor appointments.  Cataract removal this summer as well.  Hopefully hammertoe and bunions fixed.  Of course, since I may be LESS busy while recuperating ,... 

This blog has served me well and I thank all my fellow bloggers for encouraging me!  So much cheaper than therapy and drugs.  And lots more fun!

See you soon!