Thursday, December 31, 2015


Today is a day for thinking about what I would like for 2016.  Just continued happiness as that would cover health, friends, adventures and everything.  Happy!

Right after Mr. Ralph died, I went and bought a new perfume.  Happy (by Clinique).  My ringtone is Happy (by Pharrel Williams).  I really do have to remind myself sometimes ... to just be happy.

One of my FAVORITE bloggers (my first!) had a great resolution .. happy, healthy and productive.  I would like to be more productive.  It's just so hard for me to give up my computer time!!!

The outline above might help me plan my productivity.  I've accomplished a few things for myself i.e. getting a bit more volunteer time in.  But I also think I need to dream about doing more of what is pleasant and fun for me.  Need to shake off some of that guilt factor for being hedonistic.  A bit selfish, even.

I love cooking.  I need an action plan to do more of that.  For me.  And to share with others.  I love turning my house into a cozy little home (watch out visitors ... I have a Honey Do list of things I need another pair of hands for).  I enjoy being a tour guide and I am finally getting a few visitor commitments.  One batch per month is just plenty!  I do love the ocean so I am committing to visiting there more often.  And I can do my reading when I'm not playing in the ocean.

I want to be in contact more often with my family and friends.  Even if it is just a text or email.  And I need to work on making phone calls as well.

2016 will be a year of turning my dreams into reality.  One little step at a time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2016 is going to be a beach year for me.  There are 80+ beaches on my island and I want to visit them all.  Hopefully with photo proof.  Maybe even with swimming!

I have two friends who love the beach ... and mainly the sunshine.  Me?  Less sun.  Each of them enjoy my favorite beach (so far), Keawakapu.  It is a little over one half mile long with three entrances.  The northernmost entrance is my favorite.  There is a condo complex there and they have an enormous grassy area that is public domain.  Can't use their lounge chairs, but I put my blanket and chair in the shade of a palm ... and keep moving to stay in the shade.

The shore is a clear gentle slope into the ocean.  A couple of mornings a week there used to be an ocean water aerobics group.  I'll be checking into that as our local pool is CLOSING for six months for renovations (as of Jan 1).  Why would they do that during tourist season?????  I'll save that for a rant day.

Lisa invited me to Ulua Beach the other day.  It was great to have a buddy to splash about with.  She has a very cool water hammock that I am going to try on our next outing.  If I love it as much as I think I will, Amazon here I come.  Now that I have one good knee, it was so much easier to walk in and out of the water, and even walk in the sand.

We are rather new friends, so we chatted until I thought it was too much sun for me.  She brought an umbrella just for me, so I got into the shade.  And we did a bit more chatting.

That evening, I started looking for a shade tent that is lightweight and EASY to put up.  Can't wait to try it out!  The umbrella keeps blowing away ...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


It will be three years in May since Mr. Ralph left paradise.  I still do not think about dating.  It's nice to have great friends who are male (and I don't have enough!) but honestly, I am not looking for "my other half."

Because I am not a half.

My savvy little niece had this on her Facebook page.  How true is this?  I am continuing to improve my attitude about being a single.  Getting braver about doing things on my own.  Being a bit more bold to ask for what I need or want.  My goal is to be happy and healthy.  Happy part is going great ... healthy needs some work.

I'm fine being by myself and I'm happy doing things with friends.  I bounce things off my friends when I need advice (although Mr. Ralph's advice is still my favorite!).  

This year I'm doing more volunteer work.  Na Hoaloha (neighbors helping neighbors ... driving those who are not able), Maui Humane Society (fostering dogs who need extra TLC before adoption ready) and just starting to deliver dinners with Hale Kau Kau (feeding the hungry with compassion and aloha).

With just one good knee, I'm able to navigate beach time and ocean swimming ... and have found a friend who loves going to the beach several days a week.  (I have ordered a tiny, pop up shade tent since I'm not a sun worshipper.) 

Dating?  Don't really need it! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015


OK. Maybe I have the energy tonight to write a little bit of a blog since I've been away so long!  

Christmas Eve party was great!  Twelve of us for 3-4 hours.  Everyone brought a wide assortment of treats ... mini quiches, greek salad, steak on skewers, cheese plate, mini mince pies, smoked salmon spread, shrimp cocktail, cookies, candy, fudge, champagne, wine, lemonade, sodas!  

I made everyone take the party path to the back yard

A pair of neighbors whom I just met at Julie's dinner party a week or two ago came.  He brought his ukulele and we sang the night away!  Who knew I'd have live entertainment!  Several people had to cancel last minute (flu!) and one neighbor should have stayed home as she had no voice!  Been sick for ten days!  Well, we were outdoors so the germs were blown away.

At 7:30 am Christmas morning, a friend came by to carpool over to Ma'alaea Harbor for a whale watch.  Which was fabulous!  We saw active whales the entire time.

After some rest and recuperation, a lot of clean up ... today I went to the beach with a friend.  And we went SWIMMING!  I was totally amazed at how much better life is with one good knee.  It was easy to get in and out of the water, and to walk on the sand.  Haven't been able to say that for a year or two.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


When we first moved to Maui, I was disappointed in how trashy some areas looked.  All along any road with a speed limit above 20 (and there are MANY streets with 20 MPH speed limits), was littered with plastic bags.  Swinging from chain link fences.  Caught in trees and shrubs.  Disgusting.

In 2011 the Mayor banned plastic bags.  It took a while but now I rarely see them flapping in the wind.  The County does not provide home recycling pick up!  I get to load up my car and drive two miles to walk around and try to find space in the containers in which to put my trash.  NOT a good way for an island to operate, in my humble opinion.

Oregon is at the forefront for recycling ... almost everything is picked up (sorted) at your curb.  I would think an island would be even more keen on lessening the amount of trash as there is so little room for landfill.  But Maui accepts only cardboard, certain plastic containers, cans, glass and just started taking newspaper!  (Maui does have a daily newspaper but it is $250/year so I get my local news online.)  No junk mail.  Last year the Mayor began closing some recycle centers.  So far the one closest to me is still in operation.

Since I have a two car garage and just one car, I have sorting bins for recycle.  So I wait until I have a lot before I even bother.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Today I was pampered for two hours ... getting a spa pedicure at the best place on this island.  

Mr. Ralph and I first discovered her about ten years ago.  While she does nails, she rents out space to estheticians, masseuse, etc. so it is a full on spa.  For special occasions I have tried a massage and oh my gosh.  Superb ... but expensive.  And the massage school is $26 for an hour so I can so justify those!

Getting a pedicure is a luxury I'm going to indulge in once a month during 2016. Last week I called to make an appointment, for this morning.  For the Quinnie's Special Spa Pedicure.!! My Christmas present to myself!  It includes ...

     "soaking your feet in a foot spa with a disposable plastic liner to insure the highest level of cleanliness. Then the nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed. The softened cuticles are pushed back. The feet are scrubbed to soften and smooth calluses while exfoliating the dead skin. Enjoy a foot and leg massage followed by a head, shoulder, arm, and hand rub. A paraffin wax foot soak is also included. Finally your choice of polish is applied."

First of all, a regular pedicure includes the best foot/leg massage ever ... and takes over an hour.  At a REASONABLE price ... same price as Oregon actually.  This Quinnie's pedi is a wonderful blend of massage and pedicure.  Two hours total!  Ahhhh.  Terry is my person of choice and she and Mr. Ralph had a special relationship.  So I still get extra special treatment.

Last night I finally went out and got my mail which included a card from my sister!  She somehow finds the most amazing cards and usually thinks of me once a month.   

(And you remember the free roaming cat problem on this island .... her hubby coined the word MEOWIE ... instead of Maui)

Inside she wrote that they had called Quinnie's and prepaid for a spa pedicure!  To be used at my leisure.

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

Love you Sees!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


I have worn sensible shoes since age 35.  Dansko.  To ward off bunions, corns, hammertoes, whatever.  Podiatrist recommended.

How did this happen?  Apparently it's not just me.  There are so many products out there to help me.  Right now I can't wear closed toe shoes.  Bunions rub and knuckle on second toe (hammertoe) rubs.

Yes, I did see a podiatrist this summer.  Yes, I need bunion surgery as the angle of the bones between toe one and toe two is greater than 14%.  But he said it is painful as hell and until the daily pain is more than I can bear, just postpone. 

I wear flip flops (formerly called thongs) and now add a few essentials.  Yes, I buy the expensive kind that have a great arch support.  
This "toe spreader" keeps the hammertoe from crossing over onto my big toe.  I put on the flip flops then put this between the first two toes.

Lately, my third toe is starting to also cross and get smushed against the second toe.  So I put on this ....

Of course this foot model has PERFECT toes and perfect spacing.  I put one on my second toe and one on my third toe.

I just ordered some 

and I hope when they arrive, I can wear my tennis shoes.  And I will also try 

to keep all the toes in their own space.  Except I'll use the larger gel spreader between the first two toes.

Good golly!  All of this just to walk in comfort?  I'm going to start looking at electric wheelchairs..... please say a prayer for my friend who provides my pedicure.  Eww!

Friday, December 18, 2015


Last spring I met two other volunteer drivers for Na Hoaloha.  Lisa and I became Facebook friends and are slowly getting to know each other.  Since she lives in Kihei, I invited her to the Christmas Eve party.

Last week I texted her about my first big volunteer drive and she was very helpful.  She also drives the same client on occasion.  I like to know how much physical help a client might need (I always bring a step stool to climb in my SUV).  Lisa mentioned she couldn't drive that day because she had a DATE!  First one in 15 years!  I waited a week then asked her how it went.

Rather than typing our little fingers off, she wanted to meet for coffee.  I couldn't as I had to stay with the dog because the cleaning ladies were coming.  So I invited her over to enjoy the back lanai.  And she brought the coffee!

We ended up jabbering for almost three hours.  She is from Portland!

Immediately after she left, I went to the hair shop for a cut and color.  Once again I have decided to NOT go grey.  It just doesn't feel right yet.

And that's why you didn't hear from me yesterday!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A couple of years ago, a friend posted a commercial for Poo Pourri on her Facebook page, as a joke.  Their ads are hysterical because they know poo does not always smell like a rose.

I decided to try a sample size of their original scent ... lemon, bergamot and lemongrass.  You spray BEFORE you go and then the oil traps the "aroma" ... instead spraying something after you go and letting those two smells mingle (never really works).

Anytime you share a space, you do have to wonder about what others notice.  Grandsons, of course, are very truthful.  So I have some Poo Pourri at the condo also.  Same original scent.  I have friends with Crohn's and friends with IBS ... for "funny" gifts, I shared my joy.  We all love this product!

Now that Maui visitor season is starting, I noticed a big sale going on at Poo Pourri ... a FREE 2 oz bottle of Secret Santa scent (cinnamon, vanilla, citrus) and free shipping if you spend a certain amount.  So I set about choosing all the scents I would like to try!  I'll put two in the guest bathroom (to help my friends trap a crap) and try different ones in my bathroom.

When I got to the checkout there was no way for me to get the free shipping!  Sometimes companies don't ship free to Hawaii or Alaska (like Amazon does!) so I went ahead and placed my order.  Then I sent an email to Poo Pourri asking why I didn't get the free shipping.

They sent an immediate hilarious response saying they would get back to me within 24 hours.  And they did within one hour:

Hey Poo~Pal!

Thanks so much for reaching out to us! We apologize for the delay in our response. Our inbox is a bit constipated right now! Not to worry! As soon as the payment posts, we can refund your credit card for the shipping charge of the original order you placed ($12.53)! You should receive an email confirmation of the refund as well. Thanks so much for ordering with us!

If you have any questions, or just want to say howdy, give us a shout any time!

Have a pootiful day!

How is THAT for customer service!  Go to YouTube and watch a couple of commercials!  It will brighten up your day!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I am a volunteer with Na Hoaloha, neighbors helping neighbors. 

Last Spring I was working in their office for a couple of months although I filled out the paperwork, had the training and passed the background check (whew!) to be able to deal with their clients.

Yesterday I did my first BIG drive for them.  A lady needed a ride to a small town 30 minutes from here for a doctor appointment.  Finding her was the first task!  She lives just a few miles from here in an apartment complex ... with over 50 buildings!  Took longer than I thought to find her building, but I still arrived at her requested time.  Which happened to be an HOUR before her appointment.

The biggest treat for some clients is simply having another human around.  She talked and talked and talked.  I am going to have to harden my heart a little.  It is hard to imagine how rough life can be for our elderly.  It's a mile to the nearest bus stop ... and Maui doesn't quite have the best bus service (although they are working on big improvements.)  Once you have to retire from driving, a lot of your independence is gone.

She has government help with her rent but she still pays 33% of her income.  She gets food assistance but you read my blog the other day about the high cost of food AND I have to drive to several places.  She gets a bus ride to and from medical appointments which can take up 6 hours of her day for a 30 minute appointment.

The tiny little town she went to is filled with art galleries, glass blower, restaurants and quaint little shops.  I had plenty to do for an hour although it was 12:30 and I wasn't even hungry.  I came back to the car and read while I waited.  Luckily, I had the handicap spot right in front of the building she went into!  (I still have a permit from my surgery that expires at the end of the month).

While I was reading, a car stopped in the road next to me and honked.  I figured it wasn't me since I wasn't even moving.  She kept honking and honking and traffic was backing up behind her.  She lowers her window and flaps HER handicap permit at me.  I took mine off the rear view mirror and showed her I was indeed legal.  She shot me the most nonChristmas scowl and sped off.

(Side note:  When Mr. Ralph was ill, he still loved to go in the car and we often stopped to enjoy a view or share a treat, parking in the handicap spot.  SEVERAL times people would come tap on our window ... to ask us to leave as they had a handicap permit (yes, we had one) ... or to ask how long we were going to hog the space (we never stayed longer than 15 minutes because he didn't have the stamina) or to tell us we couldn't use our Oregon handicap permit in Hawaii (maybe that's true but I can't imagine any police officer telling a dying man he can't watch the whales one last time)

Ten minutes later, crabby lady with handicap permit drives up next to me again.  HONKING and lowered her window ... tapping her watch.  I was kinda glad my client was HALF AN HOUR LATE leaving her appointment!  I felt like staying all day ... with my back up lights on!!!  Sheesh!  Maybe she has more pain than the two of us do!???

I was getting a little restless when my client returned.  She asked me if I could drive here and there on the way home.  I had a vet appointment for Honeysuckle so I couldn't ... but what do I say?  Then she started asking what days this week I was available ... she needed to pick up prescriptions, get groceries, go to WalMart, get her mail at the post office, etc., etc., etc.  And could I take her next week for another acupuncture treatment.

I feel so guilty.  The "rule" with Na Hoaloha is that they ask for as much notice as possible when you need a ride.  They send an email to all the drivers in that client's area.  I made her call and request while she was in the car with me (I had heard that she usually doesn't give enough notice ...)

When I was home, I emailed the coordinator and volunteered to make a trip to Costco once a month and I can take three people.   I also volunteered to take a small group to Safeway on a Friday, also once a month.  With a two hour max shopping trip each place.

Now I feel a little bit better!

Monday, December 14, 2015


It's crazy, I know.  Buying another kitchen gadget?  Really??

Probably just a fad, we all know that.  But I have several friends who did buy one of these nice spiralizers and use it on a regular basis.  I can't picture the grandkids eating zucchini noodles but hey, in fairness, we never tried it.

Then there is the storage issue.  Both places are very tight on storage especially in the kitchen.  I can only choose items that will be used at least once a month.  There are a few exceptions (crockpot, espresso maker, roasting pan, etc) and I have to admit I have a few too many coffee makers.  

We started with a French press because that is what Mr. Ralph loved.  But I think the coffee gets too cool too quickly.  When we started having guests, we got a maker that can do 10 "cups" of coffee ... or enough for four light weight consumers.  When it was just me, I got a four cup cone drip machine.  I also have a one cup Melitta cone for when one of us needs just another cup!  I have kept them all because I do share my Maui house and have guests.  Some are even DECAF!!  The espresso machine was a house warming gift from friends visiting from Portland.  Hand carried!

My cooking friends who have spiralizers all complain about the clean up.  And the storage.  While visiting my sister last June, she had me help with the salads.  She has the perfect solution to spiralizing for one (or two).  

A Rikon Julienne Peeler!

I bought one (on Amazon $15) while in Portland and used it to make "fancy" vegetables for salads.  Good remembering on my part ... I brought it to Maui.  Using fancy cuts of veggies for salads or toppings or garnish brings a smile to my face!  I've done carrots, jicama, sweet potatoes, apples, regular potatoes, cucumbers.  (Cucumbers look great in a glass of water!)

But I still haven't made zucchini noodles!

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sometimes I surprise myself when I accomplish something I have never done ... and would have delegated to Mr. Ralph.  Today I am going to put together my new outdoor coffee table.

FSC eucalyptus wood which withstands the elements and wards off termites.  Luckily I was outside the day it was delivered and out front when the FedEx guy came. He deftly carried the box clear into the garage by the door to the interior for me.  Those guys are awesome!

With the dog supervising, I was able to drag it outdoors to start the process.  Ugh.  A lot of packaging to dispose of.  And of course I got distracted and decided to put up Christmas lights in the back yard.

I don't think I showed you the front lights after they were up ....

To the left is a gate to the back.  I am also putting up little white lights on the gutters over there ... and I will probably leave them up all year and just turn them on when I have guests over.  They will light the way to the back party area.  The landscape lights are beautiful but I need a little more light these days!

I still have half the little lights yet to hang.  Slow work for one.  Fill my pocket with plastic hangers, move the ladder 12 inches and hang ten lights and start over!  Mosquitos were attacking me so I'll try to finish the rest tomorrow.  In the morning.

Last but not least ... I made a lamp!  Two glass cylinders, one inside the other.  Shells in the space in between.  With a fake candle inside.

Today was an ADD day ... stay tuned.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


When I was lamenting about the high cost of food on Maui, I forgot to mention my favorite DEAL!  Safeway has $5 Friday.  Lots of items I use often are put on sale.  This Friday Primo ham was $5/lb ... instead of $11.99.  Havarti cheese also $5/lb.  The deli always has a special on a meat and a cheese.

I also got a huge organic salad mix for $5 (usually $7.49).  Lean Cuisine dinners for $2 ($5.29) (I love having these for a late minute quick dinner with a salad).  A gallon of orange juice $5.  And my addiction ... potato chips (half price)!  

The receipt showed a 50% savings ... I love that!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015


As luck would have it, yesterday was doubly special!  I picked up Honeysuckle for her three month visit AND I had a few hours with just me and Lilly.

My next door neighbors have three wonderful kidlets, now 8, 10 and 12.  Hard to believe Alex was not quite 3 when we moved in and now he's in third grade!  Mr. Ralph and Brent got along famously as they were both born and raised in Indiana ... not too far from each other ... just 30 years difference in age!

I love being a Gramma and have a cabinet full of fun as when they were younger, they hung out over here a lot.  Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pipe cleaners for art projects, etc.  The parents took each child on a one-on-one "date" weekly.  

Last year before I left, I had an outing with Abbey, the oldest.  We had a fancy lunch and then got henna tattoos (yes, I asked Mom first).  Now it was Lilly's turn.  She's the middle child and probably my favorite, if I had to pick.  She's a bit more timid although an athletic daredevil.  Unfortunately for me, she gets carsick very easily, even in the front seat so we had to stick around in our own zipcode.

I asked her where she would like to go for lunch ... someplace she's never been but would like to try?  Nope.  She chose the little 1950's diner less than a mile from here!  She got grilled cheese and I got a mushroom burger ... and we split a mint chocolate chip milkshake!  We talked about school, siblings, sports, travel and of course, she loved Honeysuckle.  She went with me to the pet shop to get food and a toy that I can fill with food.  And we came home to play.

To earn an allowance, she took on the duty of caring for Baxter, their Corgi/Border Collie dog.  While I was away for six months, he has lost his excess weight, his coat is shiny and I swear he smiles!  She plays with him every day and cleans up the poop as well as doing the food and water thing.  Her devoted attention really shows.  

She goes to a Charter School where they work via computer on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday so they learn how to self direct.  I invited her to bring over her computer and she got all her work done!  That was rewarded with two of my Christmas cookies (I've gotta get those mailed away before I eat them ALL).

I think we might make it a more regular Thursday date ... maybe not lunch but we can think of a million things or projects.  She's never been to the library!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today I got my foster dog from the Maui Humane Society.  

Rather than force my story of life with Honeysuckle upon you, I started a second blog ... My Journey with Honeysuckle!

It's a three month experience!  Turns out the heartworm duty is three months instead of two.  She came with a pink collar, a pink leash, pink poop bags, a bag of kibble, three toys and a food bowl.

Now the fun begins!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Food on Maui is pretty expensive.  Actually, VERY expensive.  For example, a gallon of local milk sells for $10.... although milk shipped from the mainland to Safeway is $6 on sale.  And Costco is $5!  Don't even talk to me about bread!

I'm always on the lookout for how to save money.  (I drink Almond Milk, so don't have THAT issue!)  Walmart has lots of packaged, canned and frozen brand name things.  Target has a bit of fresh food as well.  Both are less expensive than the three grocery stores here in Kihei.  For produce I go to the farmer's market or Whole Foods.

And then there is Costco.  The prices per pound are way way less than anywhere else.  It's just such large quantities for a single.  But today I decided I just have to do it.  I bought one pound of fresh opah (also called moonfish) which is firm and flavorful.  Wild line caught.  HALF the price of Whole Foods!  I cut it into four servings, wrapped each in Saran and put in a freezer bag.  I also indulged in rib eye steaks ... a pack of three ... each one is two servings for me.  Same freezing process.  Hopefully everything freezes well and tastes delicious later!

Another inconvenience of shopping is that I usually have to bring a cooler with ice or freeze packs.  When it's always in the 80's and stuff is stuck in the car while I make another stop ... 

Fortunately, I have two refrigerators.  In humid climates, you have to keep a lot of things in the fridge ... nuts, bread, etc.  We got the second fridge to put in the garage with all the beverages and bulk items.  It comes in handy when entertaining as I can prep things early and put out of my way.

I also use a lot of Rubbermaid air tight containers as well for sugar, flour and so on.  Despite having a/c, spices do seem to clump so I'm in the process of putting some dried beans in each jar.  (After I unclump them).  Apparently rice goes through the sprinkle holes and are harder to remove if dipping in your measuring spoon.

Yeh.  I know.  No one really feels sorry for me!

Monday, December 7, 2015


I've committed to hosting a Christmas party!

Fortunately, having it be a potluck means I don't have to have RSVPs because people so rarely do that any more.  It's adults only and lots of my friends have kids, and I know Christmas Eve is a busy time but I'm hoping for 8-10 people to show up.

I will make a few finger foods and set up the great outdoors.  Hopefully my outdoor rugs arrive this week.  I'm even thinking of stringing little white lights from the eaves to the fence for more pizzazz.

Sometime soon I'll need to check all the battery powered candles (real ones get blown out too quickly with the trade winds).  In the past, everyone sat around my sliding door so getting in and out for food or restroom breaks was a production.  Now I'm arranging another larger seating area between the sliding door and the master bedroom, hoping most people will sit over there ... and we can bring the four coffee seating area chairs over there to make a big circle.  

The food will be inside on the island ... maybe the beverages as well although it is better for mingling if they are far apart!  Then I can also use my tall outdoor table with four bar stools if necessary.  

OK ... here's the BEFORE look ..

This is where I enjoy more morning coffee ... and why I linger so long!

This will be the new conversation pit ... easier to enlarge the circle yet not block access to the house.

I'm also trying to give my shower and sunbathing area more privacy.  Stay tuned on that.  The new chaise lounge (thank you Gary and Leilani) is pretty massive.  I may put it away during the party.

This is the tall table in the corner near the coffee nook.

Anyone want to come over and help?

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Ah!  Friday was a great day.  

The garage door fixer came to fix the outdoor keypad, program another remote and updating the bluetooth opener in my car.  It's such a little thing but gosh what a luxury to push a button and have the garage door open!  It's magic!  And he was so tall he didn't even need to use a ladder to hit the "learn" button and run to the keypad!

And Eugenia, my wonderful Maui house cleaner, made her first trip here to tidy up.  This is my luxury.  Every other week.  This lady is amazing.  I'm out of her life for six months yet she always fits me back in when I return.  She washes both sliding doors AND the screens.  She empties the fridge and wipes it down ... shelves, door and drawers.  How's THAT for cleaning out your fridge in a timely manner.

She and her cousin spray the mirror closet doors and remove my hairspray.  They open all the blinds and wipe the window sills.  They ran the dishwasher while they were here ... and put all the clean dishes away!  She wipes the outdoor tables and chairs (front and back) and sweeps the front entry way (which I never use).  They even open the TV console and dust the interior shelves!  Then my internet stopped working.  (I was sitting outside catching up on my computer).  I figured they may have jostled the cords.

So when they left (they bring their own supplies, even a vacuum!), I set about plugging and unplugging modem, router, etc.  Tightening connections.  NOTHING worked.  I lost interest after about 45 minutes so went without internet all the rest of the day.  So again this morning, with clear eyes and mind, I tried it all over again.  It had to be the router as it had no light on.

I made the venture into Kahului (only ten miles but we all try to plan our trip to the "city" just once a week .... ) to the ONLY Apple/Mac store (not a "real" Apple store ... no Genius Bar or classes ...) and lamented that my router only lasted five years.  Unfortunately, the sales lady said that was a good run!  Came home and back on my knees and tummy hooking everything back up.

VOILA!  I'm B-A-C-K!!!!