Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Today I was pampered for two hours ... getting a spa pedicure at the best place on this island.  

Mr. Ralph and I first discovered her about ten years ago.  While she does nails, she rents out space to estheticians, masseuse, etc. so it is a full on spa.  For special occasions I have tried a massage and oh my gosh.  Superb ... but expensive.  And the massage school is $26 for an hour so I can so justify those!

Getting a pedicure is a luxury I'm going to indulge in once a month during 2016. Last week I called to make an appointment, for this morning.  For the Quinnie's Special Spa Pedicure.!! My Christmas present to myself!  It includes ...

     "soaking your feet in a foot spa with a disposable plastic liner to insure the highest level of cleanliness. Then the nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed. The softened cuticles are pushed back. The feet are scrubbed to soften and smooth calluses while exfoliating the dead skin. Enjoy a foot and leg massage followed by a head, shoulder, arm, and hand rub. A paraffin wax foot soak is also included. Finally your choice of polish is applied."

First of all, a regular pedicure includes the best foot/leg massage ever ... and takes over an hour.  At a REASONABLE price ... same price as Oregon actually.  This Quinnie's pedi is a wonderful blend of massage and pedicure.  Two hours total!  Ahhhh.  Terry is my person of choice and she and Mr. Ralph had a special relationship.  So I still get extra special treatment.

Last night I finally went out and got my mail which included a card from my sister!  She somehow finds the most amazing cards and usually thinks of me once a month.   

(And you remember the free roaming cat problem on this island .... her hubby coined the word MEOWIE ... instead of Maui)

Inside she wrote that they had called Quinnie's and prepaid for a spa pedicure!  To be used at my leisure.

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S

Love you Sees!


  1. What a thoughtful sister! I have given up pedicures after getting a toenail fungus and here it costs a small fortune. I do miss the ankle and foot massages.

    1. Podiatrist told me to bring all my own equipment ... anything that touches anyone else's foot/skin that does not get sterilized. Oregon requires you to bring (or buy on site) file, toe separator, skin smoother. Podiatrist said to bring my own, base coat, polish, top coat, cuticle oil ... I forgot to bring my bag today (and told Terry about it the last time I was in and forgot it!)....so she is now making a ziplock bag with my name on it to keep my stuff separate! In fact i think she is going to do this for every client!!! SAFETY FIRST!

  2. What a great sister. And you so deserve it.

    1. Not sure I deserve her, but she IS a great sister ... and a best friend!