Saturday, February 28, 2015


It's time for another rant about pet peeves.  SHEESH!  People were driving me crazy today!

Fortunately, it was a bright, sunny and almost 60 degree day in Portland. I had to go to Costco to pick up a prescription that needed to be refilled from the Maui Costco.  I spent ten minutes on Tuesday with the Portland Costco pharmacy people.  I brought the bottle.  It had been refilled in Portland in the past.  It did say last refill so Dr. had to be called.  There were two helpers trying to get it sorted.  Finally I asked if they needed any additional information from me, they said nope, they had it handled and said it would be ready in two days. In my most cheerful, magnanimous way .. I said I would pick it up in two days.  (Knowing I would return on Saturday making it FOUR days.)

Most people in their right minds try not to go to Costco on the weekends.  Very busy.  But I had to get a few things for the soup supper tomorrow as well (like cheesecake!) which I couldn't purchase too early.

Today I went to pick up the prescription (my anti crabby medicine) and it was not ready.  Then, after looking further,  she said there was no order for anything to be ready.  So back to the prescription drop off counter.  Who also could not find any trace that I was ever there!  I was grinding my teeth as I smiled and said ... now what?  She offered to sell me four days of meds as it may take two days for the Dr's office to respond to their fax.  Since I am such a Girl Scout, I still have five days left so hopefully I just have to return next week.  Color me annoyed.

Here are my top five pet peeves for TODAY!  (Imagine the list if I sat down and really thought about it ...)

     1)  People waiting in line for coffee, for more than five minutes, who then stammer and read and ask ... hmmm, what should I have?  Gosh, let's see.  Um ... well ... how about ... no, too fattening .... maybe just a half caf, skinny, no foam, Madagascar cinnamon latte.  Oh wait ... make that Vietnamese cinnamon.  And a breve.  Add a shot of caramel.  What?  $8???  No, just coffee.

     2)  People at stop lights or stop signs reading their phones, who forget they should not be multitasking, just DRIVING.  Then, after about 8 seconds, I tapped my horn and she flips me off!!!!  Really!???

     3)  People dashing in front of me, patiently waiting in line for Costco samples.  Twice today I said ... in my most Nordstrom helpful voice ... the line starts BEHIND me.  

     4)  People who phone and do not leave a message.  Then email and text me.  Then call back and leave the message.  And when I finally stop driving so I can contact them ... it's "never mind" I asked someone else.

     5)  People who stop (with their card) in the middle of an aisle, leave it there and look elsewhere.  Then get pissy when you move the cart to the edge of the aisle so you can get through.  HELLO?  It's SATURDAY AT COSTCO!

Maybe I should have gotten out the monkeys ....