Tuesday, February 17, 2015


John and Lindee arrived last night, in time for a glass of wine and then we hit the hay.

They, of course, we up earlier than me (ooooops ... 8:30 today!) and the coffee was ready.  As we were sitting on the back lanai, Lindee felt like something was crawling on her ... ANTS!  A billion little ANTS!  Everywhere.  John looked closer and proclaimed they were baby praying mantis!

There must have been 500 hundred of them.  They were not quite 1/2 inch long and were exact miniature replicas, in brown.  I was prepared to spray and eradicate ... until our friendly geckos stepped.  I'm not sure how they signal each other but while a few may have gotten away, it was home town buffet time for them!


  1. I remember when we were first married and used to sun our little orange tree on the patio. We brought it in every winter and one year it had some sort of bulging cocoon-like thing on one of the limbs. Why we didn't break it off and leave it outside, I do not remember. Sometime during the winter oodles and oodles of praying mantis came scurrying out of it.
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  2. Usually brown are Walking Sticks. Praying Mantis are green and will bite you. Gecko's are wonderful little animals in my opinion. Wish I had some around this house to nab the Stink Bugs that are coming from somewhere.

  3. Half inch long insects are not small! Judy can have all the gecko's I don't like them.