Saturday, February 21, 2015


I'm snuggled in the condo in Oregon!  Everyone was up when Kate brought me home at 11pm so I got lots of snuggles and smiles.  Braeden had dictated a note for me and then wrote his name on it.  Flowers and balloons!  Even the dog was excited.  Jesse had prepared a snack accompanied by a glass of red wine.

They are the night owl family, so I can stay on Maui time.  It's noisy and busy and semi-chaotic and I love it ... in small doses.  The boys and I all took naps yesterday.  Jesse made a fabulous stuffed shell dinner last night.  I bet he spent three hours making everything from scratch.  Heavenly.

The baby gets up about 10:30 (although it is almost 11:30 and no one else is up yet!) and Jesse and the boys snuggle for half an hour (longer if they boys are getting along!)  Then breakfast and some play time.  Deacon's huge play fence is set up around the front of the sofa ... so Braeden can climb on the love seat over to the sofa and get in the pen with him.  It's amazing how well they play together!!!  We'll see how long that lasts.

I did get out Friday to have my hair cut.  The weather is very spring-like so it's been fun taking the dog out, surveying the condo complex and getting out with the two littles.  Braeden is still sick but has his appetite back.  Runny nose.  A bit of coughing.  He ate a great dinner last night so we got to watch a movie ... in the big bed.  I made him a 4 oz milk shake (with ensure for children) and some goldfish cookies.  Gramma's just have to plump up skinny boys!

Now to make a few friend connections while I'm in town ... but mostly play with the boys.  

This is the life!

Wherever I am, I make it my home.


  1. Sounds like a great homecoming! Pretty, really. Too bad you can't get the whole family to move to Maui year-around.

  2. You have such a sweet heart. Welcome back to the mainland!

  3. Welcome home. What a nice homecoming.

  4. My grand daughter said it had been in the 60's and 70's in Portland. How lucky you are!!! I sooooooo need a little grand kid snuggle!!!