Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Wow!  I can't believe how little I've blogged since living at the condo ... with four others and a big dog.  Sorry, readers!  I'll set aside some quiet time every day so at least I can invest a few sentences.

Sunday Mary Beth and I hosted a "Meet the Neighbors" party.  We've had about ten new owners buy here since summer.  With wet weather, none of us socialize as much so we made a little effort.  We provided cake and coffee ... everyone brought an appetizer and wine if they wanted.  We had name tags (thanks, Angel) and MB put together an "Oldie-weds" game (like the Newlyweds?!).  It was great fun ... what's your favorite restaurant in Lake Oswego, what's your favorite retail store, etc.

This coming Sunday I am co-hosting a Sunday Soup Supper for Three Rivers Village.  And I think we are having a better turnout than we expected!  We were hoping for eight and at this point in time, we have twelve!!  Good news for getting more volunteers.  Which we sure need.

The best part of being with the kids, are all the little snuggly huggable moments.  They go to bed late and get up late, so I am staying on Maui time.  Which, of course, changes to THREE hours behind as of March 8 and DST.


  1. Back in the swing of things :-)

  2. You sure know how to stay busy. I'm blown away by how much you like to organize social events.