Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I was raised Catholic.  Twelve years of Catholic school, even.  Played the organ at church for a few years.  But I am a church drop out.  In fact, five out of six of the children are non church going!  My sister is Jewish and they are very active.

Yesterday after lunch, we were dangerously close to a very oooey, gooey cinnamon roll bakery.  Luckily, I came up with the perfect excuse to buy one ... Fat Tuesday!  Lindee likes to party big time, so she bought SIX.  They are HUGE.  And rich.  She and John shared 1/2 of one this morning ... I had a sliver of the remaining one.  SOOOOO indulgent.

They took a trip in to Costco so I put my computer time in.  Paid some bills, changed payment methods, transferred money to Kate as her PayPal account is taking TWICE as long as they say it will to hit her bank (while they use the money, I'm sure).  She took the babies to the Dr today.  Braeden, who feels and looks the worst, had no secondary issues.  Deacon who is back with his appetite and playing, has a rattle in his lungs and fluid in his ears.  So she needed her $$$.

Lindee came home and made lettuce wrap sandwiches and cut up fruit ... and a bottle of Prosecco.  Because you know ... it IS Fat Tuesday.

We met up with friends for another wonderful Maui sunset.  Lindee made dinner (Greek salad with chicken) and red wine.  Lemon cupcakes for dessert.  To end our wild and crazy day ... we watched Netflix til we fell asleep on the sofa.

Yeh.  We rock.


  1. We have a bakery here that have people lined up for blocks on Fat Tuesday of peoplke buying packi's. They sell them in the thousands to all the area stores, too, but they the come to the store for the polka music and much as for the tradition. Some families have been going there for three generations.

  2. I tried a Paczki--Pazcke--whatever they're called once--hated it. Lucky me. I do like a cream filled triangle or raspberry filled bismark every now and again, however. I am not Catholic and do not give up anything for lent--instead, I try to take ON something new--something that will make people happy.