Sunday, January 4, 2015


For Hanukkah, my sister gave me a journal of sorts ... My Quotable Grandkid.  It's a cute idea but so far, I don't think mine have said much worth writing down.  Then she started reminding me of a few!

Recently, as I had Braeden on my lap one morning reading him a book, he gently pushed my face away from him.  Gramma, can you keep reading with your face over there?  Well, yes .. but why?  I took another sip of coffee ... then sputtered when he said "you have spider breath".

That must be the most horrible, awful thing he could think of ... spiders!!!  Now I keep gum in a little dish so if he notices spider breath, he can bring me a piece!!

When I sit back and think of things he says, I do a lot of smiling.  I offered to stop at Starbucks (mainly for me) and asked if he would like a hot chocolate.  In all seriousness, he said no thank you.  My Dad makes the real deal.  Ah ha ha ha!  (He got a vanilla milk with whipped cream).  Even Starbucks can't compete with the real deal!!

And I have to remember to write down when we left the plane as we were starting our Disneyland trip.  He was instructed to follow right behind me, then when we got into the hallway, we could hold hands.  I turned around and he was nowhere to be found!  The lady behind me said he was in with the Captain ... thanking him for flying us to Disneyland!

Kids do say the darndest things!


  1. What a wonderful idea for keeping a journal and Braeden is at the perfect age to start. I love the spider breath story. .

  2. Ha ha! I earn my "spider breath" every morning!! LOVE that coffee!!

  3. They are so honest when they're young. Thanking the captain... that is so funny and nice, and they might forget these things if we don't remind them. It's kind of our job. My son used to call biscuits bickits and calculators were kitty-eaters. Sweet days.