Saturday, January 31, 2015


My special man is 81 today.  He really should be here with me.  In Maui, his favorite place in the world.

We always celebrated his birthday several times.  He loved going to the Oregon Coast and invariably it was sunny!!  Then we held a Super Bowl party as it happens right after. I don't have TV service so I'm still trying to wrangle an invitation somewhere ... or I'll just watch on the computer.  (I did buy some artichoke and spinach dip to celebrate). 

Once Kate left the nest and we started being in Maui for his birthday, his tradition was to go into the ocean first thing when he awoke.  (Sorry Buddy, too cool for me today!)  

Today is double hard for me and my kiddo.  She and her little family are at Grandpa George's celebration of life.  We were both pretty lucky to have found local grandparents to adopt.  They attended grandparent's day at her school.  Invited her over at least once a week to swim in their pool.  Dressed up on Halloween and she was their only trick-or-treater.  We had great times as family.  I'm sad I'm not there to share my wonderful memories.

Tonight I plan to view the sunset from Sugar Beach in Kihei.  It's where we fell in love with Maui twenty years ago.  We stayed at the condos there every time we visited and it just feels like home.

Maybe I'll enjoy a Scotch for him as well.


  1. What wonderful memories and what a wonderful place to fall in love. Enjoy your Scotch. Cheers!

  2. Yes, wonderful memories! Too bad you can't find a time shard condo around Sugar Beach and give up taking care of your house there. Ought be cheaper to hold on to.

    1. We always looked at units there. Monthly dues $800+!!! Which is about what I pay for here for everything ... car, insurance, internet. Plus they have had HUGE assessments for three years in a row (like $50,000 PER UNIT for new central air).

      BUT ... it is right on the ocean.