Friday, January 9, 2015


Due to chilly weather, laziness, lack of discipline and worry about my swimsuit not fitting ... led me to text my buddy and talk her into SKIPPING our exercise (deep water aerobics).  After she agreed, I told her she could never let me do that again.  No canceling unless blood or tsunami is involved.  So we start Monday.

I had a lot of busy computer work today, including spending 30 minutes with customer service at my credit union.  They are truly wonderful, helpful people.  My Maui HOA … not at all.  My monthly fees are set up to be paid automatically by the CU to arrive on the first.  Several months ago the HOA’s property management company was purchased by a larger property management company.  All of a sudden, in October I was told my dues were delinquent by three months.  

Since the checks are directly produced through the CU, I do not have online access to get front and back or even check number.  By the time I did get a verbal check number and clearing date, the HOA clerk called and said “oh never mind, accounting department has straightened out your account.”   The next month, my account shows a $10 late fee and $39 in arrears.  WHAT?

Unfortunately, the clerk seems to not have all the color crayons in her box.  I decided that it would be better for me to have everything IN WRITING from now on because her memory doesn’t seem to be that good either.  In two weeks she doesn't remember saying my account was fine??

I sent her the listing of 2014 payments, twelve of them.  She sent me her ledger that showed manual billings for three months and I could not make hide nor hare of their other postings.  She kept calling me.  I would send a return email asking that we handle everything via email.  She just didn’t get it.  When I returned to Maui, I contacted my neighbor who is now President and asked what he thought about the new company … he immediately said “uh oh, you are having problems too?”

He made an unannounced visit to the property management office to spot check a few accounts, and then asked if I could send a copy of the November payment.  My dedicated customer service rep tried many ways to email it to me but it had to be encrypted (bank policy) which we never did get to work.  So I took the check number and the date it cleared and she will mail me the front/back … to my Portland home so my daughter can mail it to me in Maui.

I sent an email (always with a copy to Doug, the Prez) with the check number and the date cleared.  She promptly wrote back … can you send me the check number???

(taken on my little walk)

Luckily, the sun is shining so I took myself on a brisk walk.  There are a few things I should do or call about but I’m not sure my patience is at a level to do ANYTHING in a nice, calm way.

I’m gonna go watch whales for a bit!


  1. At least the President of the HOA is a friend and knows also that you and sounds like others, are having problems with the management company. It's hard enough dealing with people like that without them being a total space cadet to boot! I know you will get it all straightened out, but what a lot of stress to deal with while you are in paradise.

    1. He is a friendly neighbor, for sure! Seems to be doing a good job without nepotism.

      I got to see several whales "blow" but they were pretty far out. February is the BEST month!

  2. You guys with HOA problems are scaring me about condo living. Not something fun to look forward to.

    I would pick whale watching over exercise class any day!

    1. HOAs are often monstrous ... what a tiny bit of "power" leads to such dictators. Now BOTH of my HOAs are great and fun and helping make each location a real community. It's all about the people ... and sometimes you just don't know ...

  3. We've had issues with our HOA a couple of times. Once they said something to me on the phone (no need to go into the boring details) and then denied it a couple of weeks later. Getting it in writing is the only way to go.