Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So far, I have enjoyed a great month of Maui vacation.  Even on the coolest days all I have to do is think about Boston right now.  Brrrr.  The sun has been out every day but three.  All is good.

Now to have some visitors!  I'm getting excited!

Next weekend a Portland friend is coming over via Honolulu where she has some business.  Arriving Friday evening and leaving Monday afternoon.  She has never been here before and we only get together once or twice a year (usually with grandkids), so I'm quite flattered!

February 15 brings some Seattle friends who are staying two weeks.  We will overlap a few days then I head to Portland on the 19th.

My niece arrives on her Spring Break from Mt. Holyoke ... and I hope she brings a friend!  It will be awesome to have some bonding time.  I can't believe she is 21 already!  She is the BABY of our family.

Right after she departs, my sister and hubby are coming for a week.  Considering they have to fly all day long, I wish they could stay longer.  Alas, he still has employment to think about!  She might stay longer although their NYC coop is ending it's remodel so she will be anxious to see that through.

Last but not least ... my friends from East Coast arrive May 15 so we overlap five days when I return to Portland for the remainder of the year!  They will stay longer.

I just love it when a plan comes together!


  1. Oh, my gosh, you are in the perfect place to feed your hosting bug. I have a friend who lives in D.C. and she always has the same, back-to-back company like you're expecting. It would wear me out, but obviously you and she have the right personalities to fully enjoy opening your homes up like that.

  2. When we lived in MD, we had nonstop company. Looks like you will not be lonely during your stay. Enjoy!