Sunday, January 18, 2015


Yeh, sometimes the title just draws you in!!!

This blog will not contain real names.  To protect the innocent ... in case any of my nosy Maui neighbors read this blog.  I'm pretty sure after reading about themselves in the very first months, they probably shy away!!

I have some really good friends who are going to come to Maui and stay for six months!!  Now I can procrastinate on whether or not to sell the place.  They are both VERY handy and can fix most anything, just like my neighbors who are moving away.  In return, they get a nice long visit in Maui.  They both have been longing to see what it would be like to LIVE on a tropical island.

I feel a bit bad as they are staying summer through Thanksgiving ... the hottest months of the year.  But even at its worst, it's pretty darned amazing.  We have great inexpensive air conditioning in the hot part of the day ... and to sleep.  I leave it set at 75 all the time!  Never open the windows or doors for the tropical breeze ... as it comes with volcanic red grit AND black ash from cane burning.  I go outside when I want to be IN the weather.  Lanais on both front and back that are amazingly serene and comfortable.

We seem to be related by cat, in so many different ways.  In fact, if I had one dead mouse, I would give it to them.

Maybe if this sharing thing works out well for them ... we could rotate summer and winter stays.  I am just so grateful that God works in such mysterious ways.  Exhale.



  1. Keeping two places is complicated, isn't it. Maybe a Maui time-share would work better for you than owning a place or selling and booking a place for a month or two yearly.

  2. Honestly, my annual cost for Maui house is less than renting for a month! I've never looked into time share before ... that sounds like an interesting avenue. Too bad you don't like to travel ....

  3. It would be nice if you could share with them.

  4. That would be great if you could rotate summer and winter with your friends. Fingers crossed.