Monday, January 26, 2015


My lasting love is technology.  One divorce.  One death.  Internet has never left me.  Until today!

Who knows why but it was down in the whole neighborhood all morning.  Even though yesterday's blog was about doing nothing, actually I do a LOT on this computer.  I was getting a little anxious after the first hour!

I'm head of two committees at the condo, as well as editor (and main contributor) of a monthly newsletter.  Which is due two days before the end of the month.  It's not much but this month we gave the newsletter a name (To The Pointe) (as the complex is called Oswego Pointe Village) ... and I tried a new cool format.  Can you say learning curve?  Oy!

Late last year I got the brainstorm to put together a family reunion in Columbus this summer.  I've been contacting cousins (two aunts are left but do not do computers) and getting their kids' names, birthdates, etc.  Via email I'm bugging them to find a PLACE to have it ... then we will move on with logistics!

In Spring of 2014 my high school chums decided we should have a 45th reunion ... and of course (since I love my computer and I did this five years ago), I volunteered to handle the master spreadsheet.  This reunion is also in Ohio the day before the family reunion.  (Smart planning on my part, non?)

Last but not least is my volunteer work for Three Rivers Village.  I set up and manage a Facebook Page (check it out and LIKE it!).  We are getting forms and formats put together.  Notices to be posted.  Sign in sheets.  Getting to know you sheets.  And now ... yep ... I'm crazy ... I'm going to maintain a website.

And my beloved blog!

These are all great ways to volunteer no matter where I am.  And I really do love technology.  Poor Mr. Ralph always wanted to give me jewelry ... and I would say "oh, that would be lovely" but I don't really wear jewelry and there is a laminator on sale at Costco.  Or a new iPhone.  Or laptop.  Or classes.  And then we have the printers and scanners and external hard drives.  Oh my.

I can't wait for Valentine's Day again this year.  Hmmmm


  1. Wow, that's a full plan of organizing! I did all the computer work for a class reunion including put a book together of information gathered from all the classmates and that kept me very busy. I can't image juggling as many tech balls as you're doing!

  2. full plate, not plan...but I guess plan works too. LOL

  3. Holy cow! My head is spinning. My hat is off to you.