Friday, December 12, 2014



Everyone makes mistakes.  I'm human.  I understand.  Sometimes it's even me.  But it bothers me when I dig up all the facts and information to reassure someone I did pay my bill ON TIME, and the continue to say ...  send your payment plus late charge by the 20th.

I belong to an HOA in Maui.  $39/month.  My bank is set up to send a check to arrive on the first of each month for that month.  Late penalty is applied to payments not received by the 20th.

Recently our property management company was purchased by a larger concern and our favorite property manager has moved up the ladder, we now deal with another lady.  My mail is delivered to my Maui address so my friend/neighbor opens everything then asks what I would like forwarded.

Last month the HOA sent a letter saying I was delinquent for the past four months.  I checked my bank and yes, my payments were sent on time.  I double checked the mailing address thinking maybe that had changed and I had not updated.  HOA asked for proof.  I learned that I can't look up and print front/back of electronic checks so I had to call my bank.  Yes, they had all been cashed and they sent me copies.  The HOA then called the next day to say never mind, accounting had straightened everything out.  

This week I got another letter saying I am delinquent!  Again, I checked my bank, the check was cashed on December 2.  Non-customer oriented lady said no, that was for November AND IT WAS LATE and I better pay by the 20th.

My friends are laughing and calling me Deadbeat Widow.  All the while I am emailing this person from my phone as my sister is driving us six hours to Alabama.  Thank goodness for technology again.

Tonight I went online via computer, got a list of every payment to this HOA for the entire year.  Yep.  TWELVE payments all mailed on the 27th or 28th of each month.

I just can't wait until tomorrow ....


  1. What a pain in the butt! Especially while you're on vacation.

    1. She kept calling me despite my emails saying we were driving and had intermittent service ... I prefer everything in writing anyway. Like I wish she had emailed me in Nov to say "everything was straightened out."

  2. Documentation! Keep every single e-mail you get from her. Glad you have all 12 months of the cashed checks! You could put everything in a nice big envelope and mail it to her and tell her to read it and then shove it up her................., well you know.