Saturday, December 13, 2014


My sister drove me to Birmingham, Alabama to visit a Maui friend who had to move back home for health reasons.  Janet had met Leilani and Gary in Maui also and we all just seem to hit it off.

We had a wonderful visit, a great Italian dinner, played with the cutest kitties (my and Ralph's namesakes) and got caught up on world gossip.  We spent a few hours on Thursday night and a shorter visit on Friday morning.  Leilani is an amazing photographer, just as a hobby.  She specializes in birds and animals but has captured the essence of lots of humans as well.  Especially Mr. Ralph.

They now live on a rustic lake and their new home backs up on the largest State Park in their state!  Luckily for us, she often puts together coffee table books of collections of photos.  This year it was photos of tiny birds at her feeders dudring a snow storm.  Exquisite little guys who puffed up to ten times their normal size to try to stay warm.  I think I may have to buy one of those!

She gave each of us a wonderful photo of a dragonfly, perfectly framed for my new bedroom.  Now I think I am going to plan a trip in late spring or early summer to see the view when the trees block everything!  Just to see HOW she finds these elusive creatures!!!


  1. A magical time for you. So glad you had this wonderful visit.

  2. What a productive and special visit!

  3. Can't wait to see where you are going next!