Monday, December 29, 2014


I spent my first morning in Oregon at the dentist.  Three hours worth!  Thankfully I had coffee on the way over.

First, I had my teeth cleaned so the whitening would have a good base.  It was so comfortable I almost fell asleep!  Headphones with classical music, a blanket and a neck pillow certainly helped.  

Despite having my mouth open with a dam inserted, it was not the least bit uncomfortable or painful.  As predicted, my teeth were a bit sensitive the rest of that day but then back to normal.

They seem to be about four shades lighter.  Enough for me to notice but for others to simply think I don't drink coffee or red wine.

Now ... if I can do weekly at home sessions, I don't think I would need to invest $200 in another year or two.  But if I don't keep up with it, I think it was really worth it!

Excuse the wild hair and no make up ....


  1. Looks great. Well worth it. I wish it would work for me. H hates the home treatment and doesn't do it. Hmm. He goes every two years.