Thursday, December 11, 2014


I feel like I am at an elegant bed and breakfast (and all meals!).  

Last night I arrived at my favorite sister's house in Louisville.  An hour late at 10:30 pm.  Why is traveling so exhausting?  Having her waiting at the curb was wonderful!

My sister is Jewish yet she decorated my bedroom at her home with a tiny Christmas tree, an artistic non-animal gazelle with white Christmas lights and a perfect poinsettia in the bathroom.  A million pillow with a ton of blankets.  She always makes me feel so welcome.  Even a bottle of water and a chocolate on my night stand.

She let me sleep in til 8:30 (5:30 body time) and shared some coffee time chat when we departed to meet her friend for a trip to the outlet mall. This, in itself, is amazing as she hates shopping at big brand name stores.  We spent a couple of hours and had a nice lunch together, followed by a tour of Rhoda's condo (bigger than my old house!).  

I got caught up on Janet's remodel in NYC apartment (what a process!) then she brought out wine and almonds as she prepared Pad Thai for dinner.  Made with spaghetti squash!  FABULOUS!

I want to move in here ....


  1. What a thoughtful sister you have!

    1. She is the best. She is 8 years younger and we have been best friends since her birth!