Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Two nights ago my movable bed FROZE in the reading position.

I was pretty mad as I just purchased this in March!  I changed batteries in the remote.  I unplugged the unit for an hour.  Then I called the retail outlet who said to call the manufacturer.  I left a message there with no response.  Then I sent an email.  It's hard to coordinate repairs when I am leaving next Tuesday.  The kids will have to live here (which they love!).

It's pretty cold here which made me wish I had purchased the next car package UP from what I bought ... so I could have a heated steering wheel.  And remote start so the van would be warm when I got in.

At dinner, I wanted something other than what I have on hand.  And that's when it hit me.  These are all first world problems.

I have always had a bed (to myself unless I wanted to share).  Some families sleep on the ground.  Or many to a bed.

I have never gone hungry (except on purpose).  And some families are so grateful for $50/month to feed their family of four.

I have always had reliable transportation and the money to put gasoline in it.  I can't even imagine walking and carrying water on my shoulders.

Today I am prayerful.  First world problems are not really problems at all.  Minor blips in an upper middle class world.  At worst.  I am thankful.


  1. We sure can get wrapped up in our first world problems, can't we.

    1. Then we know it is time to sit back and gain perspective!

  2. Stupid bed!!! At least, you can afford the fixes and that is a good thing.

    1. It better be under warranty!!!! Stay tuned. Still no return phone call OR email ....