Saturday, December 14, 2013


Nefarious is a very powerful word.  I don't think I have ever used it in describing a person ... until now.

I've mentioned in previous blogs about some strange (cat lady with 40 cats) and vindictive (her best friend who has vandalized my yard many times) neighbors.  Add in the HOA president who clearly follows the "rules" only with people he doesn't like yet lets said cat lady and bitchy buddy do whatever "in his interpretation" of our bylaws.

I still enjoy sitting on my front lanai and chatting with other neighbors walking with their kids or their dogs.  Some have brought their adult beverage and lingered.  My opinion is that there are quite a few people on Maui who over indulge.  Alcohol or marijuana.  Which is okay with me as long as it doesn't affect me.

Last night I was standing in my driveway talking with Bob and Paula.  They care for my home when I am away.  They are my closest friends here and live just two blocks over.  Bob and Mr. Ralph had a special relationship.  He gave Mr. Ralph a walker which was graciously accepted.  Had I been the one to get that for him, his pride would have forbade it!  They also called or checked in on me every day for the first several months.  And continue to frequently ... and actually get concerned if I don't contact them.

We were talking about holidays, birthdays, dog sitting and what on earth the cat lady is having built on the side of her house.  Hoping that it is not a cat house and just an outdoor living space.   My neighbor across the street has usually been okay with us but for some reason, he abhors Bob.  Last year while Bob was doing yard work in my yard, Kenny came over and verbally assaulted him!. Unwarranted.  Bob told him to get off of my property and Kenny pushed him (while using vulgar language).  So Bob called the police.   My opinion is Kenny over indulges in everything AND has an anger issue.

Last night, he came out of his house and started swearing at Bob.  We ladies tried to keep Bob from responding but he got a few choice words in.  We continued our conversation all the while Kenny is screaming "get the F*@# out of my neighborhood" (um Kenny, we ALL live in this neighborhood).  Bob went down the street to get a neighbor's dog for a walk (while they have taken their 3 girls to Disneyworld) and Paula and I kept talking.  Kenny went inside.  When Bob returned, Kenny came back outside and continued his rampage.  Also screaming "don't call the police this time."

I felt like calling the police.  Very scary, unwarranted and unreasonable.  Nefarious.


  1. Man, that is scary to have a neighbor like that!

    1. It really was scary. A human being out of control. Unprovoked. Mental health is just as important (or more) than physical health. He needs some serious help.

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