Friday, December 20, 2013


My daughter is growing up.  

Through her journey of motherhood (Braeden is now 3 ... baby boy #2 due March 11) she is being much much nicer to me.  Best of all, she indulges my grandmotherliness.  She texts me photos and cute little videos.  She calls about once a week to do Facetime.  Braeden now "gets it" that he can take the phone and show me things.  Wanna see my dog?  It is so much fun to have little conversations with him.

I've been mailing him a letter (with a balloon or some stickers or some tattoos) about once a month.  I guess I need to bump it up a little since has asked for some mail!!  I made a little 4x6 photo album with a few photos of him with Poppa, me and Poppa and of course, some gecko photos.  Now I can send him a photo inside his letter.

Even though I'm not spending Christmas with them, for the first (and last) time, I still get to enjoy the little moments.


  1. Modern technology sure does have the power to keep families in touch better, doesn't it. The little movie clips and photos are so easy, now, at at everyone's finger tips.

    Cute, cute little guy you've got in our life! You will have your second grandson right around the time I'm having my first great-great nephew. I am learning how to use Instagram just for the occasion since my great niece won't post photos in other way.

    1. Thanks for thinking my guy is cute! I'm sure glad I don't have to learn ANOTHER program (instagram)!!