Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

1986 ... Kate was six weeks old.

The above photo was taken in Sunriver, Oregon.  Our second favorite place in the world.  Probably 2000-ish.

On the water front in Lahaina, Maui during one of our vacations.  2003 maybe?

At his 50 year college reunion.  He got his electrical engineering degree from an all men's school (now called Rose Hulman ... ranked best college for the past 13 years for engineers!)  2006

My first trip to England, for a Biamp Manager's wedding.  We stayed in an historic hotel where the doorways were too short for even me.  I had fish and chips served in newspaper.  So fun!  And it was the start of a many country trip, via car, where we were treated like royalty.  2006.  A proud moment for me as I packed for TWO weeks, casual and dressy, in one suitcase!

Maybe 2007 ... on the Great Wall of China.  Where it SNOWED! So the fabulous view of miles of hand built wall and beautiful vistas into two countries were NOT available.

February 2013.  Despite the pain and indignity of radiology side effects, he ALWAYS had a smile!

Loving memories.  Now I need to scan in more photos from 1986 til we got the digital camera!


  1. I envy you your photos of the two of you. I have a million vacation photos but most are of scenery, the dog or me alone or Don alone and all are on slides.

    I can tell by Ralph's smile that he was an easy person to be around.

    1. We had a family photo taken for Christmas for many years ... I need to scan them in when I return to Oregon. Maybe a Christmas blog NEXT December. I'm pretty sure Costco or Walgreens can convert slides. With Photoshop, you can put yourselves together!!