Sunday, December 29, 2013


The best thing about having visitors?  Getting to cook!  Sharon and M'Linda are both single so the joy of cooking isn't always there.  Same for me.

As a threesome, it is so much more fun.  We are having a nice healthy breakfast at home, every day except today.  Lunch is usually at the beach.  Dinner?  At the Weber.  

One night we had seared ahi on a bed of super greens with  wasabi vinaigrette.  M'Linda brought THREE amazing bottles of Pinot Noir which have all paired up better than I would have imagined.

Last night was Indonesian chicken on the grill.  Which sounds exotic and gourmet, right?  The recipe is from Ina Gartner and has very very few ingredients ... just needs to marinate for four hours or longer (longer would have been better ... as she had used swordfish.)  Easy peasy.

This time asparagus with a dash a fresh lemon juice.  I tried a friend's idea of cooking rice in coconut milk and BAM!  In love with that.

Tonight we are splurging and heading out to a popular place (Hali'imaile General Store) for a special treat.  Then a farewell gathering before they depart Tuesday afternoon.  Thai chicken (thighs) in the crockpot!  So we won't have to miss a moment of beach time.  We've invited two other friends ... one bringing and appetizer and one bringing dessert so we are covered.

The BEST part of all this cooking?  Sharon and M'Linda do the dishes and clean up!


  1. Man, Thai chicken in a crock pot sounds great. I use a crock pot a lot.

    I'm glad you're having a great holiday with your friends!

  2. Email me if you ever want recipes. Wish me luck on the crockpot dish!

  3. Crockpot chicken was AMAZING! The guests leave in about an hour. I have a week to myself then my fabulous sister comes for ten days!! Her third trip in 12 months ... from the midwest ....