Thursday, December 19, 2013


In the early days of this blog, I've mentioned a few of the weird neighbors I have on Maui.  A few are more than weird ... kinda scary and vengeful.  Today I'd like to share about a few wonderful neighbors.

Right next door are Chelsea and Brent and their three youngsters, 10, 8 and 6.  I have so much fun with them.  They allowed me to have a couple of months to myself and now that they know I'm doing okay, they invite me to join them.  Chelsea started a Tuesday night sunset group at our closest beach.  Mostly young couples with young children but I enjoy it all the same.  Interesting conversation and lots of wine!

Last night Chelsea invited me to dinner at a fancy restaurant where I have never been.  She invited another friend.  We shared an appetizer and two meals (buy one get one FREE).  Despite our age difference, we chatted for hours!  And the food was yummy.

Bob and Paula have been our friends since we bought our house here in 2010.  They were both invaluable during Mr. Ralph's health journey.  And so they have been steadfast in getting me through my grief.  We invite each other out for lunch every other week or so.  I have them over and they have me over.  Best of all, they can do ANYTHING, so they are my handy couple.  I keep a list going so if/when they ask if I need anything done, I can text it right to them.  

Today Bob fixed my guest room closet door, the stopper in the guest bathroom, installed another outdoor camera, and changed the timer on my outdoor lights (so they stay on until 11pm). In less than 30 minutes.  Tomorrow they are doing my yard work!  I avoided it the past 8 months and now it's overwhelming.  Plus he thinks I have a water leak somewhere so tomorrow he is meeting with the water dept (my meter is locked so he couldn't test things).

Tonight I took them out to dinner for their Christmas gift!  I'm so grateful to have some great neighbors!


  1. The Tuesday night sunset club sure sounds like a great idea! Love it. You are lucky to have such good neighbors as Paula and Bob.

    1. Another group I've just met meet on Sunday afternoons at 5:00 pm at a different beach.

      I AM lucky to have Bob and Paula. They designed our front Zen garden. They made the jewelry from Mr. Ralph's ID bracelet. They keep me sane AND up and running. True friends.