Sunday, December 15, 2013


The Christmas season is finally reaching my heart.  

This Maui house is pretty small with no room for a real tree.  I have an 18 inch artificial one sitting in the middle of the kitchen island, which is visible from every corner of the living area.  My coffee table has a festive rectangular plate with three large red automatic candles.  I smile every night when they turn on about 6:30!!  The tiny dining table has a nutcracker surrounded by ivory automatic candles of all sizes.  My neighbor gave me a candle with a fir aroma, so I am set!

Oh!  And even my wine bottle is festive ...

In the past, I always made a small gingerbread house.  When Kate was younger, she loved decorating.  When she outgrew it, I still made one.  Something about the smell of gingerbread.  I don't have my gingerbread house mold over here, but I found another edible project that might fill the void.

This afternoon my three neighbor grandchildren are coming over to make ice cream cone Christmas trees.  Believe it or not, I found several kinds of small candy to decorate them.  I can't wait to see how much frosting and candy make it ON to the cones!

The verdict:

It's beginning to look (and smell) a lot like Christmas!


  1. I love those trees! I've never seen trees made like that. I grew up making gingerbread houses too. I few years back I tried making one again and then I kept it over the whole year/s and it preserved great. This year I can't find it and I am bummed about that.

    Thanks for the message you left on my blog.

  2. Serious about phone friendship!

    I saw this idea on Pinterest! So many cute food ideas. Like the turkey veggie platter. The kids were so cute and fun. Lily (8) stayed for an hour afterward just chatting and playing with balloons. They are such great kids!

  3. I wish I had neighbor kids who needed a grandmotherly like person in there lives. You are so lucky in that regard.

  4. It is easier and more fun when they live close by. When Kate was young and Ralph's mom had passed away, I went looking for a Grandma whose own children lived out of state. (Granny got to live at home because she had some younger friends who helped her out) Through my hair stylist, I found my perfect buddy. She was a wonderful "adopted" grandma (and we got a wonderful grandpa as well) and we all became great friends. She died of Parkinson's about ten years ago and I am still buddies with Bing ... now 94 1/2