Friday, October 3, 2014


I have not slowed down the widow spending.  It's just too easy for me to justify buying pajamas for grandsons, spending hours at the Dollar Tree today, searching online for the perfect furniture for my new widow bedroom at the condo.  And getting my hair cut and colored at a chi chi salon.

Because I went from parents to husband to husband, I've always incorporated the man point of view since we were sharing a home.  My touches too, of course, but what man would WANT to sleep under a quilt full of flowers?  Neither of mine.

Now I am building my little nest with just me (and the little family) in mind.

My condo living room BEFORE:

This is after I gave the kids the oversized navy blue sofa recliner.

Furniture arrived on Tuesday:

The smaller scale and lighter color is more suited to the space.  And to my living habits.  Very comfy to sit on and easy to get up from.  And the sofa is just big enough for a nap ... can't wait to try that!

My favorite thing really, is the art shelf.  Although I haven't changed any of the work on the wall since it went up and I just grabbed stuff ... I can't wait to have a theme going.

The teeny dining room had 20 year old recessed lights that didn't provide enough light to the table.  I bought some lights I just loved (on Amazon) after going to every place locally that I could think of (and that I could afford).  Just a hint of oriental.  Thank goodness for Handykid as we had to buy adapter and black tubing to hide the white cord!

For my bedroom (you already know about my dual control flexible bed), I want to do more feminine white shabby chic sort of look.  I have a gorgeous burgundy and gold oriental rug that I'm keeping, but I think the white will look just fine.  The nightstands arrived so Handykid can put them together next week ... but they should look like this:

I kinda feel pretty hip for not being symmetrical!  The condo is small so I'm taking advantage of vertical space.   And I love the little pull out ledge for coffee or wine!  Handykid also put up white art shelf over my bed and over Braeden's bed.  I'm hoping to find a Toy Story poster on our upcoming trip to Disneyland.

Have any of my widow friends been doing this "it's all about me" redecorating or changing rooms around?


  1. I love your decorating! You have a great eye. If I find a condo (or rather when they build one for the over 50 group in area)---I want to go more feminine too. When you don't have to blend tastes any longer it's one of the few perks to being a widow. I am getting ready to do some minor changes in my living room that I couldn't have done in my pre-wheelchair days. I'm itching to get started but I have outdoor stuff that has to get done first to get ready for winter.

  2. I remember after divorce #1, how I loved re-doing. Getting all his hunting guns and stuff out of the house and putting up my little shadow box with the tiny spaces filled with my miniatures I had as a kid. i loved wall papering and painting in nice cool colors. When Fred moved in here with me, it was mostly done with MY stuff. He brought a big desk and huge recliner, that went out the door a month after he died. I am not really into "feminine" stuff--like flowery and frou-frou. I like clean lines--white/blue/green and jewel tones for accents. BUT--it sure is nice to have it fit OUR personality and ours alone. Does that sound selfish?

  3. Love the new look in the living room. As for the sofa, "Very comfy to sit on and easy to get up from" gets more important every day. I can't stand it when I sit on a chair or sofa and sink into it. I know it's going to be hard to get out of it. Your light fixtures in the dining room look nice with your chairs. Enjoy.