Monday, October 20, 2014


Last night I gave in and upgraded to the new operating system for both my computer and my iPhone.  My calendar stopped automatically syncing between devices and that just would not do!  My brain retains nothing, so I have to look several times a day.

I had no idea how many HOURS it would take on the laptop.  I stayed up til 1am waiting for it to finish.  The phone update wasn't as long and I played with it for a while as I was waiting.  Except for having to re-do all the settings for all the programs and apps, no big problem.

The computer, on the other had, is taking some of my patience.  Everything seems to work in slow motion now ... at least compared to the old operating system.  Everything looks just a little different from how it used to.  iPhoto doesn't work without loading a separate update.  Time time time.

And then all the questions I now have!  First off ... why did Apple stop naming the OS after fast wild cats?  How many National Parks do we have?  Then will they start naming OS after stars or planets or galaxies?

After I ran a few errands today, I looked at my phone and thought HOLY MOLY something is wrong!  I had 42 emails!!  I thought I had been scammed or hacked or vulnerable!   But when I looked at them, each one was a trade confirmation from Schwab.  The financial advisors have made the changes that I've been too afraid to do.  

My life is in chaos!


  1. Yikes! My frustration level is very low for this kind of thing.

  2. Your problems with your tech world makes me feel so much better about my problems with my tech world. Hang in there. If everything else fails the computer shops always have their open doors.

  3. Goodness! What an arresting title! Made me read through to the end! Sometimes I wish we could go be to pre-computer days...

    I remember that feeling, when my new financial advisor made ALL these changes, that I was afraid to do. Now that you've found a good one, hang on for the ride!

  4. I don't understand most of this post. I don't even have a cell phone and...I think I am glad. I don't have to go through all this updating and Smart Phony stuff.