Thursday, October 16, 2014


I love learning new words!  Being online sure makes it easy to look up the definition, synonyms and antonyms.  Oh my, I'm still a high school nerd.


[pruh-pish-uh s]  

presenting favorable conditions; favorable:
propitious weather.
indicative of favor; auspicious:
propitious omens.
favorably inclined; disposed to bestow favors or forgive:
propitious gods.

While looking up the definition, it was easier for me to find the base word and definitions.  Right now my best use in a sentence would be "the weather approaching Maui is unpropitious."  Again Maui is on the edge of a hurricane.

Definition No. 3 above is the most interesting to me right now.  Unpropitious relationship?  What was a friendship is no more?  

One common thread on widow blogs and blogs on aging is how to make friends at our age.  In the past, I found friends at work or friends who are parents of Kate's friend or friends from where Mr. Ralph worked.  Now I have none of those opportunities.  I am not employed and Kate is 28.  So now I find them wherever or whenever.  Coffee shop.  Volunteer projects.  Grocery.  Walking.  Neighbors I had not yet met.

It's a lot of kissing frogs but every once in a while I find a potential.  There's a knack to being friendly but not wanting to be friends.  Some people are just WAY out there (another blog!)

This year I've made a couple.  But one has already broken up.  Sometimes the more you learn about someone, the less you want to know.  And vice versa.  This friend was unpropitious!

My other new friend is so fun and full of energy, I just want to know more!


  1. I am looking forward to getting an app/dictionary that pronounces the words for you and that you can speak the word and it can usually find it without you having to know how to spell it.

  2. Hey--one fun friend is better than two not so fun friends. Good job!

    1. An excellent point! What an ongoing quest this is. I like having different kinds of friends. Have not found anyone to travel with, should I ever get to that point in my life. I'm in the mood for road trips!

  3. Some new friends you find in your own closet!
    Miss you!