Friday, October 10, 2014


Sometimes I feel invisible.

Just another middle aged lady spending her retirement fund trying to keep her hair blond instead of grey.  Not a simple process any more.  Dye all of the hair one color.  Streak in two other colors.  Every 6-8 weeks.  It's crazy really.  I tried letting it grow out all the way grey.  I looked 100 years old and invisible.

I had to wear full on make up to just look 80.  Sample above.  In 2010... at 58.

I know the feminists out there will raise their eyebrows but I want to feel good about how I look.  And take pride in it.  Wearing clean clothes, for instance.  I run into so many older folks who have food stains on their shirts.  Or no longer take things in to be dry cleaned.  The image I receive is OLD and tired of caring.  Maybe it is being frugal.  

The above pic is me, WITHOUT ANY MAKEUP.  Poolside, in fact.  But I still like that look better than grey.  Now I better take a pic of me, blond and WITH makeup!

I'm so vain ....


  1. You look good in both pictures. The gray and the blonde don't look much least in pictures. I'm sure in person I could tell the difference.

    I tried to like my hair with low lights to blend some of the silver with the very dark gray/almost black at the back of my head but I hated the texture the dyes left my hair. So now I'm all natural. Luckily we all get to do whatever suits us best.

    1. You probably started with a bit darker hair. Mine was very light blond then greenish blond and then gray. My complexion just doesn't handle the grey. So many friends have GORGEOUS grey hair ...

  2. If only wearing a smile was enough - you look great in both pictures! Can't wait to see a picture of you in full make up and smile.

    In my mid fifties I went natural, too, with a beautiful ?!? white streak framing my face. But evidence mounted that younger people looked at me and added 10 years to my age, treating me so differently. With light brown hair now, I'm included as one of them instead of one of THEM. Maybe someday I'll make peace with being elder, but at 62? No way LOL

    1. The chemicals do dry out my hair. But I have the luxury to work in jojoba oil overnight once a week, which seems to help. My hair stylist said I shouldn't wash my hair more than twice a week. Just take a shower and add conditioner to the ends. I'm not there yet .... I grew up with oily hair and skin ... can't do it!

  3. You are beautiful--and I don't blame you for coloring your hair, or anything else you do to feel good about yourself.
    Just...don't get a boob job, ok? Ha! Just kidding!!!
    But IF you did, then I'd still respect that--AND ask the name of your surgeon!