Friday, October 10, 2014


The whole little family is here ... Mom is wicked sick with a cold and refuses meds as it might make her milk production stop.  Braeden is happy but thick runny nose and is snuggled under a blankie watching PBS cartoons.  Just asked to take a little rest!

I'm gonna miss these little naps ....

Last night Deacon joined the viral party.  Kate and I spent the whole night holding him upright so he could breathe easier.  So he was pretty happy this morning.  We, on the other hand ... are exhausted

Sixty two is a bit too old to be helping with sick babies ...


  1. Poor little guys and Kate! Hope they are all feeling better soon and you'll be able to get some sleep and not catch what they have.

  2. Jesse came down with it last night. I'm thinking my days are numbered!! At least I have the luxury of staying in bed ....