Saturday, October 18, 2014


I'm babysitting my grand dog for a few more days.  He thinks it's pretty boring around here but he has room to call his own and no one pulling on his ears or tail.  Good food too!

Several friends here at the condo have kitties for pets.  They are able to survive a weekend or more without humans, but we humans can't help buy worry.  Since I'm here a lot, I usually volunteer to help out although most everyone turns me down.  Really?  Just because I don't like the 400,000 free roaming cats on Maui doesn't mean I don't like pets!

If I do sell the Maui Mansion, I am thinking of getting a pet.  I was leaning towards a cat so I wouldn't feel compelled to race home after eight hours of leaving him or her alone.  Last night I got a text from neighbors who NEVER take me up on volunteering to play with their cats ... she was just worried that they may have eaten all the food they left out and drank up all ten gallons of water in bowls and pans all over the condo.

Yep!  I went over and played with them for a bit.  Only one is super friendly but they all come out to see what he is so excited about.  I'm also kitty cat sitting for Mary Beth while she is in Disneyland for four days!  Honey Pie is not a people person she said.  Just wet food, dry food, water and clean out the litter box.  Well!  Honey Pie was indeed friendly and even sat on my lap for 2o minutes.  She was a hoot!  This morning I had Mary Beth's neighbor bring her own cup of coffee and we visited while Honey Pie ran all over the condo!  Just happy to have voices around, I guess.

Now I'm thinking I don't need a pet of my own.  I'll just borrow every one else's!  No responsibilities for me!


  1. If that's Honey Pie she sure is pretty. We had Siamese cats growing up and they usually aren't the friendliest of cats. Cats definitely are easier than dogs but I'm allergic to cats so there will be no cats in the house. I do love them, though.

  2. You are lucky--Siamese can be kind of nasty. She's a beauty however.

  3. Honey Pie has pretty eyes. Cats require less than dogs, but I love dogs, too. 400,000 free roaming cats?? Wow! I guess they're all ferrel?