Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sunday evening my new(er) friends John and Lindee drove down from Seattle to spend a couple of nights.  They just bought a travel trailer and drove it home on Tuesday.

First of all, it is a dream of mine to visit all of our National Parks.  I would love to do it in a trailer but not the kind you pull.  Too much maneuvering for me!  After taking a tour of their four star one bedroom unit I am green with envy.  WOW!  It is a luxury studio apartment.  Built in storage, kitchen, bathroom with separate shower.  Refrigerator AND freezer ... built to look like the gourmet cabinets.  Just stunning.  Now ... if I just didn't have to HAUL it.

These two are not on Facebook.  Way too active to sit down for more than 20 minutes.  They met on an organized bike ride!  Now they grow almost all of their fruits and vegetables.  They eat healthy 98% of the time.  Early to bed and early to rise.  Basically I'm their polar opposite!

Yet we had a great time!  Mostly a quick visit in the morning then meet up for dinner.  I was quite the gracious host ... we ate out both nights!  Their treat!  (Maybe I should open a Bed and Dinner business?)

They do read my blog.  And wonder how I find a topic!  I have to say I've never struggled to find something to talk/write about!  As my Mom would say ... maybe I just have diarrhea of the mouth!


  1. When I saw the photo in my reader, I thought it was a diagram of a studio apartment. It's amazing how they make those things.

    I'm into entertaining like that. The last time we had overnight guests, we took them out for dinner, but we treated. Your way is better. :) I'll tell you, I try to get out of cooking whenever I can.

  2. You can get the same thing in a motor home :-) Of course, you'd have to haul a little car behind it because some are too big to go on the roads in the National Parks.