Friday, October 31, 2014


At 8:30 am, as I was considering getting out of my nice warm bed, I got a text from a neighbor saying she was just putting on a pot of coffee ... wanna come?

Combed my hair, found comfy clothes and trotted over in the rain.  Her hubby is out of town so we gathered around her seasonally decorated dining room and shared coffee.  Somehow we got on the topic of Ralph and how much she missed him.  And the tears just started flowing.  From both of us! They only knew him for two years ...  half of that time we were in Maui.  It was touching the things she liked and remembered about him.  And that she sees a lot of him in Braeden as well.  Not just looks but personality.

It was good to get some crying out.  Which left the rest of the day on a good note.  A few errands (having a birthday dinner for Braeden on Saturday), treated myself to lunch, laundry, rounded up some treats to bring to the Orange and Black party.  We had about 15 people show up, everyone in black and/or orange and wonderful finger foods.  Deviled eggs with "spiders" on top (ripe olives), chili con queso dip (my big weakness!), oranges, orange cheese spread, Cheetos Bag o Bones, pumpkin cheese cake.  Singing pumpkin songs to Christmas tunes!  Just Delightful.  Several went on for hot tubbing.

This place just fits me.  There are people here to suit any mood I have going.  We are really a community.


  1. I love being people who knew my husband and are willing to talk about him. I glad you have that so close to home.

    1. It was pretty amazing! I hadn't had a good cry all month. It was such a release. I don't like crying at night/bedtime ... it changes my dreams ...

  2. Some people are afraid to even mention our guys names. I love it when people/family remember and tell a tale about something Fred said or did. Good tears--those kind are.

  3. There's nothing like a good cry when we need it. It gives us a fresh start. I'm glad you like your community. It makes such a difference.