Saturday, October 11, 2014


Organizations are living, growing morphing groups of people....joined together for a common cause.  Business or religion or neighborhood association or charitable purposes.  Hobbies or athletics.  And this time of year ... politics.

All of the kinds of organizations have growing pains.  People come and people go.  Some people can lead and some lead because it was their brainstorm.  Some leaders win because the choosing the other candidate is worse.  As a member, you can choose whether to follow that wonderful pastor or stay at the church you've attended for 15 years.  No one else's business which way YOU choose.

Lately I've seen three of my favorite organizations have serious leadership changes.  Several people sold their homes to avoid the personal harassment of a Board chair gone maniacal.  Many owners were seriously looking to sell their condos because of a Board chair becoming an evil dictator with no regard for spending money that was not earmarked for her special projects.  And so on.

My decision has been to stay and become active in changing the leadership (actually, lack OF leadership).  Democracy always rises above and karma works.  Sometimes just takes longer than I'd like.

Please don't be a sit on the sofa kind of member who simply complains.  MAKE CHANGE.  Never give up.


  1. I'm afraid I'm the side-on-bench kind of member, letting others like you do the heavy lifting. For now anyway, who knows what might come tomorrow. But I'm a good bench sitter because I don't complaint if those in control don't do things the way I wish. Get involved or get out of the way is my motto.

  2. Well okay then. You are not allowed to complain if you are not actively trying to change things. I'm proud you know who you are!!